Batman is Spider-Man is Batman is Spider-Man

There’s a new Batman movie, creatively called The Batman. It’s yet another new take on, you guessed it, the Batman. I’ve little interest in seeing it, I’m not into reboots (or re-imaginings or whatever) in general, and I’m 100% sure my SO will watch it with me.

Let me explain that last bit: she will watch it, I will be cozied up with her, and the odds are good that I will fall asleep. Somewhat famously in my circles, I can sleep through almost any superhero movie no matter the venue and volume.

Once I slept through Christopher Nolan’s first Batman movie in an iMax. My extended family piled into one tiny living room to watch that Marvel Endgame movie. I was asleep and snoring in 30 minutes. I’ve tried watching both again with the same result.

Anyway, the Batman movies remind me of the Spider-Man movies in that they are seeming always rebooting/retelling the same story. Batman’s nemeses also see constant rebooting with meh results.

Let me be clear: many people I love and respect love these films. You may also love these films. I am happy for all y’all.

Excuse me as I don this old timey sleeping cap and cozy flannels.

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