They were never ok with you existing

Florida is the worst, though Texas tries to out do them:

Florida state senators on Tuesday approved legislation that regulates school lessons about sexual orientation and gender identity, defying demands from some of their youngest constituents and pushing the state deeper into the nation’s culture battles.

(Via WaPo; H/t Birchtree)

There is FUD (Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt) about sexual orientation and gender identity in these places driven by vocal minorities – mostly fear.

Here’s the thing – intellectually understanding sexual orientation and gender identity is not required to be a decent human being. By being a decent human being means being open to helping a confused and ill-informed constituency – in this case, school aged kids – understand the 9,000 weird, powerful things they their bodies and brains will, are, or have gone through as they grow.

Passing laws that pretend puberty doesn’t happen and institutionalizes puritanical shame for those who do not fit into a binary narrative is mean, immoral, and unethical.

Let’s instead equip teachers and leaders and parents with the knowledge and language to help kids navigate the biological minefield that is growing up. That cannot start with limiting the conversation in schools.

Florida is the fucking worst.

So true.

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