Korea lunch mysteries

Ok. What I’d thought was chicken are these fried meat tubes. The breading is reminiscent of American Chinese takeout food. The meat inside is undefined.

Here’s a look inside a fried wonton, because.

As for the dark brown bowled mass, I think it was supposed to be Japanese curry? If so, the fundamental problem is one of plating. The mass would be poured over the rice. However, neither container provided the requisite volume to combine the two.

I improvised, using the glutinous nature of the rice to allow me dipping options via chopsticks. It worked ok. It tasted salty AF.

Luckily the kimchi quickly scorched the taste memory from my mouth.

It is a good thing I’m getting this kimchi. It’s spicier than what’s generally available in the States but I’m sure far less potent than I will experience. It’s like a training bra for my taste buds.

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