※ Are we living in the golden age of Emacs?

It’s my sense that the Emacs “ecosystem” is growing and innovating at a very healthy clip. The richness of ELPA, the frequency of new releases from the core developers, and the adoption of Emacs/Org in places like academia — all these are examples.

This appears to be happening in the world of professional coding too, despite very capable competitors like VS Code. Here’s a recent quote from Jon Sander’s blog, irreal.org: “The fact — as evidenced by Org-mode and Magit — is that Emacs is at the forefront of editor/IDE development.” 

Ponder that: “at the forefront.” 

I have no data on the actual number of Emacs users, or on the rate of production of new packages or counts of new lines of code, but it’s my anecdotal sense that Emacs is modernizing and thriving. Not least, its reach is extending beyond the English-speaking world. 

Is this the golden age of Emacs? Was it ever better than now?

(Via u/tdavey on Reddit)

I’m using Emacs more than ever. I’m at that stage where I resist making more than modest changes to my config as it is a daily driver for me – and I am not in a technical role any more.

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