A Dense Mystery, Decoded

The mysterious all-purpose soap with the lengthy label has been a staple in crunchy households for ages. Where I grew up, in Eugene, Oregon, it’s common for people to bathe their babies with it, only to turn around and wash dishes with it. Dr. Bronner’s All-One Castile Soap — which is made to be heavily diluted, making it both eco-and wallet-friendly — can be used on your face or the floor, your linens or your labradoodle. Seriously, if you’re unfamiliar, it’s time to get right with whichever savior you belong to and ask “how did you not put this into my path yet?”

(Via the delightful Hanna Brooks Olsen on Crazy Old; link added is mine)

If you’re not already a Scrub Jockey, someone who has a thing or several things about things being clean or orderly just so, do listen to the joy that is the Spotless podcast.

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