Respect, discipline won’t solve shootings

Hamilton County commissioners cite lack of respect, discipline following Saturday shooting | Chattanooga Times Free Press:

Hamilton County commissioners Wednesday largely attributed local gun violence to a lack of respect among the county’s youth.

It’s not thoughts and prayers, but equally useless.

Commissioner Steve Highlander R-Ooltewah, added that authority figures have become afraid to discipline children and that shootings could potentially be decreased if they begin to install discipline beginning at a young age.

“It’s not just Hamilton County or this city, it’s all across the country,” Highlander said. “And people have become afraid to discipline children. Children cannot learn when others are disrupting the class.”

To what “authority figures” Highlander refers is unclear. Maybe teachers? Maybe school administraters?

Imagine if the “authority figures” in need of respect were government officials, elected and appointed, and the ones in need of discipline were gun manufacturers, sellers, the NRA, those who feel a need to have a personal arsenal, and so on.

I’m old enough that I went through NRA training as a kid where the goal was to teach how a weapon is a privilege, not a right, and how it needs to be treated with respect (there’s that word again) or else it will be taken away from you.

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