※ Use Story to Change Your Life

Use Story to Change Your Life:

By Leo Babauta

Most of us don’t realize how powerful stories are in our lives, because we don’t even notice that we’re telling ourselves a story. But stories shape everything.

For example, the stories you tell yourself is the reason you feel:

  • Resentment toward a loved one or coworker
  • Guilty about what you haven’t done
  • Overwhelmed by all that you need to do
  • Anxious about the uncertainty of the world
  • Stuck in your old habits
  • Avoidant of your difficult tasks
  • Bored or lonely

Nothing in the basic reality of life makes us feel these things. It’s our stories about our reality that creates the feelings.

Leo nailed this. I strongly recommend reading his post.

I cannot tell you how often I’m driving or in the shower or doing dishes or something else equally mundane where I find I’m doing this very thing. Part of my therapy is using this in my favor.

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