Review: No Time to Die

I’m sad for Daniel Craig that No Time to Die is his last James Bond film. It should have been better.

Tl;dr: Bond – formulaic, thus predictable; way too long; boring; beautiful; wasted talent.

Spoilers below, maybe. I mean, it’s a Bond flick.

First, part of the story that was hinted at early in a seeming non sequitur and ended up as a set piece was from You Only Live Twice, the novel. Will we end up with a washed-up-on-the-shore-in-Japan Bond meeting Kissy Suzuki as the introduction to the next Bend actor?

Second, getting Phoebe Waller-Bridge to help with the script was a great move by Craig. Given how anemic the movie is, I can’t begin to imagine how tepid it was before she joined. I’m 100% convinced the script was a camel.

Third, I want to be Paloma – Ana de Armas completely upstages Craig in this like she did in Knives Out. She looks spectacular, literally kicks ass while wearing an outfit that is appropriate for black tie and for her acrobatic fighting skills, and has a better form of Roger Moore’s humor.

Fourth, this movie is woefully way too long. I don’t think that there was enough in this script to stretch into 2 movies. It drags in many places for no reason.

Fifth, let’s again ask where the armies of bad guys who burst forth from the tree line come from, why they were not employed earlier on, and their ability to die with a single bullet, when … 

Sixth, the main people don’t die after being shot multiple times, especially when a man is shot multiple times by a woman. Somehow a clip emptied into main baddy doesn’t keep him from saving the woman who shot him, setting up the … uh, drama?

Seventh, the MacGuffin and the bad guy scientist and the other (?) bad guy who stole him were woefully secondary to the plot.


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