News Pruning

I’m thinking about pruning Apple-first news sources from my RSS intake. Apple’s “news” gets covered amply by the mainline news, is mostly PR announcements anyway, and the useful technical bits are often cited by others in my RSS feed.

I’m thinking about pruning news newsletters and primary news sources from my RSS intake, or setting up a separate one I can chose to view on any given day.

I’m thinking about filtering my RSS feeds to get rid of specific topics as my SO keeps me well informed, and my interest in them by myself is exceedingly low:

  • Marvel movies and TV
  • DC movies and TV
  • Star Wars movies and TV
  • Star Trek movies and TV

I’m thinking about getting rid of sources that are now cryptocurrency/NFT/web3 enthusiastic and forward.

I’m thinking about moving my Emacs and org-mode and Emacs-related news to Emacs’ elfeed. DevonThink posts will move to DevonThink 3.

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