Office renovation

I revamped my office on Labor Day.

The essential elements are still here – the two tables, the many computers, the turntable, and sundry tech office things. Essentially the office doesn’t function significantly differently than before. It even has roughly the same layout. So, what changed?

Trash, first off. I got rid of 2 bag worth of recyclable detritus like empty tech boxes. Actually, it was mostly empty tech boxes.

Next came my main desk, the bigger of the two tables. I ad to replace a dying monitor a few weeks ago. Instead of ordering the same size (27”) or bigger and replacing the other one my son absconded with (which I gifted him) with the same, I got two smaller and lighter matching displays (24”). Between an on-line sale and some credits I got the pair for a song. Now, instead of my desk as the landing zone for a hodgepodge of various bits it houses the displays, the DSLR I use as a webcam, the microphone on a boom, and my coffee mug warmer.

Oh, and the sit/stand desk riser. I can use this for the first time this calendar year.

IMG 0030

Layout wise, I moved the main desk back so I have more space & can see out my office door. The window is better positioned so I can look out and see the woods instead of my neighbor’s house. The ceiling fan and light are now above me instead of in front of me. This is far more comfortable.

However, perhaps the biggest change for my mental well being is the vast reduction in clutter. I carefully ran cables and tied them together with straps. Most of the piles of paper are out of view (until I process them).

The best thing about it, if you include the new monitors, the cost to do this was about $150 with the balance going to some screws, an extension cord, and some other bits ’n bobs. More of the cost went into time – about 5½ hours – with a but more to come to hang white boards (another part of the cost) and tidy my book shelves.

Well worth the effort!

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