Taking Things Internal, Part ichi:

One thing the cloud does well is sync things so they are accessible and up-to-date. I have two simple, non-critical use cases – insecure email for newsletters and Real Simple Syndication (RSS) for articles – I will bring in house.

The RSS bit is relatively trivial, as is the insecure email for newsletters that are free. The complicated bit is the email for newsletters where it needs to be at least a bit secure as I need the email for a paid subscription, sometimes to a magazine or newspaper.

The other bit is that I want it all, RSS and the various newsletters, in a single app that is reading first. My RSS reader of choice right now is NetNewsWire on various Apple platforms, but if I move off of Apple whatever system I set up should serve Linux/BSD/Android as well.

The closest service is FeedBin, which offers a unique email address to which one can forward free newsletters. Its API connects to a bunch of readers. However, managing paid subscriptions through it is difficult to impossible. Also, some of my subscriptions have to go through my student email address. Anti-SPAM measures means forwarding or redirecting emails from various email accounts is a spotty endeavor.

Which is all to say that I don’t yet know precisely how I will achieve this end. This is not the first time I’ve traversed this path nor the first time I’ve written about it here.

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