I enjoy peeping these hidden rooftop spaces from my wee room on the eleventh floor.

First up is a space that epitomizes what I’m talking about:

This one seems sadly underutilized and a bit messy

Next we have a space looking like maybe it’s under construction:

Now we’re back into the better appointed spaces. This one says, “Party!”

Hard to see in this picture but there is a fence done up in green to keep people from the next building spying:

Here we have a more utilitarian patio:

This one reminds me of a boat with all the aquamarine and metal ladders:

When I shopped for housing in Tokyo five (!!!) years ago I wanted a place with a space like these in an older building. What I got was one of the best views of Tokyo from a high rise away from the city. I would not have chosen any differently. I still dream about that apartment on a regular basis.

H/t to the iOS camera app Obscura. The focus control made these pictures through the dirty window and screen possible. Maybe you can play with focus in the stock camera app, but I haven’t found out how.

Sinsin Hotel, Seoul, KR

12 °C overcast clouds

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