While Wayne County lost 37,357 residents over the last three years, Oakland and Macomb counties gained 38,584 people since the 2010 census, according to new estimates from the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments. As of July 2013, more than two two-thirds of the communities in the seven-county report saw population growth since April 2010. “The city of Detroit continued to lose population, but at a slower rate than in the recent past,” SECOG reported. The city is estimated to have 681,090 residents, down of 4.6 percent from its 2010 count of 713,862, and down 3,709 since SEMCOG’s December 2012 estimate. Oakland County, meanwhile, added 27,647 residents and Macomb County has 10,937 people since 2010. via Top 10 population gainers and losers among Metro Detroit communities | MLive.com.

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