Road Work Blues

I’m not sure who in the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) or the Road Commission for Oakland Country (RCOC) decides that late October is a good time for beginning road work. I’m also not sure who decides how they’ll handle lane closures or sign the work.
And I’m not sure who is actually doing the construction as there were no signs, no trucks, and no workers working.
Whomever they are, they need training.
Case in point: the Woodward Ave/Main St./Washington Ave./I-696 work. There are multiple bad decisions and lack of planning mistakes here.

  1. From Washington Ave to southbound Woodward, two left turn lanes immediately become one after the turn with no warning signage.
  2. From Main St./I-696 westbound access to southbound Woodward, the same issue as above in a different spot.
  3. From eastbound I-696 access to northbound Woodward, the same issue.
  4. I suspect that there are other pain points based on the almost 60 minutes it took me to travel 0.25 miles.

Meanwhile we’re expecting our first snowfall, so this week makes a questionable candidate for road resurfacing.
Have you run into this fine bit of road work? Where are your commute pain points?

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