König 36: A Third Way of Setting and Tracking Goals

König 36: A Third Way of Setting and Tracking Goals:

Rainer König is back with a followup to his previous video on setting and tracking goals that I wrote about a week ago. This time he approaches the task using hierarchial tags. With hierarchial tags, you give a set of related tags a group name and can then search or filter the tags by the group name. You can even describe the members of a group with a regular expression so you don’t need to know what they are in advance.
That works out perfectly for König’s purpose because he can tag each individual goal with a unique tag that ties together all the tasks related to that goal and can also refer to all goals by using the group name. See the video for the details on how he used it for tracking goals.
I didn’t know about hierarchial tags before but it’s easy to imagine lots of use cases for them. The Org Mode manual page for them is here. If you like using tags to tie things together, you should definitely take a look at hierarchial tags. You can even have sub-groups (and sub- sub-groups, etc.) so the device is very flexible.

(Via Emacs – Irreal)
I’ve been revamping my org setup to better track all the things, so this will prove most useful.

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