Victimhood in America

The opener to this post by Anil Dash spoke to me:

I keep having to explain a principle I arrived at a few years ago when I realized the modern conservative movement is grounded almost entirely in a contrived sense of grievance, predicated on a false victimhood of its supporters.

I don’t recall the predicate to Mr. Dash’s epiphany. I would like to think I tuned such nonsense out. My indifference boarding on dislike of hip hop is well known to some, so the remainder of the post doesn’t speak to me per se even though the sentiment does.
His assessment is spot on.
However, I would go further. While the Right makes more noise for their contrivances, I’ve seen this victimhood as systemic throughout U.S. society.
We Americans have the luxury of victimhood, of reality TV, of trolling, of burying our heads in the sand, of Tweeting as action (hint: it’s not), and of expecting someone else to fix it.

Be nice with what you write.