Top BBC men take wage cuts in gender pay row

Top BBC men take wage cuts in gender pay row:

Six top male BBC presenters agreed to take wage cuts Friday after the broadcaster’s female China editor quit in protest over unequal pay.
The six, who are among the British Broadcasting Corporation’s top-earning journalists, voluntarily decided to take a pay cut

(Via Japan Today)
Arguably this makes the situation worse. For the BBC or any company it is all about the money. Taking a pay cut, though well intentioned, doesn’t do anything but help the BBC’s bottom line. Two or three years ago, maybe the bad press would kick-start change. Today, not so much.
If the male presenters demanded their full pay while not going on air or protesting the disparity on-air until there is pay parity, that’s meaningful. Or they could take a pay cut and cut their work for the BBC to the same proportion.
As it is, it’s a mindless empty gesture that helps the wrong people, In My Humble Opinion.

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