Abo-abo, maker of Ivy, Swiper, Counsel, et al

From Irreal:

Oleh Krehel (abo-abo) is the author of many outstanding packages including the essential Ivy/Swiper/Counsel suite that revolutionizes searching …
Abo-abo hasn’t gone a day without committing to GitHub in over 3 years. That’s astounding and an indicator of how much abo-abo has contributed to the Emacs community. It turns out that abo-abo has a Patreon Page and is trying to get sufficient backing to allow him to dedicate one day a week to his open source projects. This is very worthwhile and I encourage anyone who can—or can strong-arm their employer—to support his efforts. He’s more than earned it.

Abo-abo’s stuff is top notch. This work improved my workflow in ways I can’t comprehend any more because they’re so in-grained.
I’ll contribute. I hope you do, too, if you can.
(Picture from http://blog.binchen.org/posts/hello-ivy-mode-bye-helm.html)

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