I am reading & listening to Ian Flemming’sJames Bond novels.
Two things:
First, the third book in the series (“Moonraker” [US] [JP], with almost no resemblance to the movie [Amazon US] [iTunes]) has several chapters describing a bridge game. It captivated me in a way reading about people playing cards shouldn’t.
Second, Flemming’s use of language is educational. I use Amazon’s lookup feature more for Fleming’s use of outdated English and very British terms than I used it for a Japanese novel translated into English before James Bond came into being.
I’ve long heard the term “chicanery“. I equated it with shenanigans. Basically, chicanery means one resorting to tricks. I never thought about from where the word comes. It so happens that a “chicane” is a serpentine curve in the road. It’s also a card trick (in the “you’re cheating” sense).
By 2018 standards there are … issues with these books. Others can debate them and I’m sure they have.
This is a better read than either Live and Let Die [US] [JP] or Casino Royale [US] [JP] , the second and first books in the series. I enjoyed both for what they are.
Every experience carries its lesson, and these books prove no exception.

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