An iOS method for meetings in org-mode

I need to not only capture notes and tasks in meetings. I need to capture each meeting’s specifics as well.
I live in an Apple-centric world at work and some functionality is far better on iOS than it is on the Mac. This includes calendar integration.
I created a Workflow that looks at my iOS calendar and creates an org-mode compatible text entry in Drafts for iOS for each event selected. The meeting’s particulars are captured as org-mode Properties.
Once in Drafts I can append a meeting entry to my ‘’ file immediately so it shows up in Emacs on my Mac or else keep it in Drafts if I need to enter data from my iPad or ~shudder~ iPhone.
I’m pleased with my first stab at a Workflow and a Drafts action, but I know they can be improved.
I wish I could open the file in Drafts, for example. But iOS makes that hard to impossible. I think I need to write a Workflow that renames it to refile-drafts.txt and then opens the file in Drafts. Then I can use my existing action to make it into an org-file when I’m done.
To see both the Workflow and the Drafts action, check out

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