How to Add a Recent or Favorite Items Stack to Your Mac's Dock

I love this tip for adding a Recents stack to macOS:

Most users are aware that you can drag any folder into the right-hand side of the Dock to turn it into a stack, but the following lesser-known trick creates a unique stack type containing your most recently opened applications, documents, or servers.
Alternatively, you can also set this unique type of stack to show the Favorite folder locations and Device links that appear in your Finder’s sidebar.

This saves me time, especially when dealing with MS Office files. I work with several to dozens in a day, so having this stack instead of relying on the built-in Powerpoint or Word, &t.functionality makes a noticeable difference.
Now, if I could just trigger and navigate it with the keyboard …
Anyway, open a terminal window and enter the following:

defaults write persistent-others -array-add '{"tile-data" = {"list-type" = 1;}; "tile-type" = "recents-tile";}'; killall Dock

The stack should appear on your Dock. Right click it and tailor it to your needs. Please note:

Note that you can change the number of items shown in a recent items stack in the following way: Click the Apple () logo in the menu bar, select System Preferences…, open the General preference pane, and choose another number from the Recent items dropdown menu.


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