Are You Experienced dropped on this day May 12, 1967

Are You Experienced dropped on this day May 12, 1967:

… Even though Electric Ladyland was my first album, Are You Experienced is one of my favorite debut albums of all time. As it turns out, Are You Experienced dropped today back in 1967, and I had to celebrate the occasion. Thanks for making a fellow Black kid feel welcome in the rock world, Jimi.
If I get on the radio today, oh boy!

Nashville Public Library issues “I Read Banned Books” library cards

Nashville Public Library issues “I Read Banned Books” library cards:

They’re a “limited edition”, reports News Channel 5 out of Nashville, “available as long as supplies last.”

“Our job is just to ensure that if you want it, it’s here for you,” said Public Information Officer for the Nashville Public Library, Ed Brown.

“‘Maus’ is all checked out right now,” said Brown. “So we got more copies on order but as soon as word got around about what happened in McMinn County, we got a lot of holds.”

What a fantastic design! They should release it under a Creative Commons license—I couldn’t find any licensing information for it.

Uhhh … yes, please & @chattlibrary please do something similar!

After 10 Years, Gravity Falls Is Still as Funny and Heartfelt as Any Show on Television

After 10 Years, Gravity Falls Is Still as Funny and Heartfelt as Any Show on Television:

Alex Hirsch’s Gravity Falls first premiered ten years ago and burned brilliantly for the two seasons it was on air before going out with a bang in 2016. The animated comedy-mystery follows twins Dipper and Mabel Pines (voiced by Jason Ritter and Kristen Schaal), who spend their summer vacation in the town of Gravity Falls working for their Grunkle Stan (voiced by Hirsch) at his tourist trap, The Mystery Shack. With the help of a journal which Dipper finds in the woods, the Pines twins begin to unravel the supernatural mysteries of the small town.

If you let this show pass you by at the time, then you should definitely remedy that and check it out now (it’s all on Disney+). Although it’s not an adult animation in the same way that shows like Rick and Morty and BoJack Horseman are, it definitely appeals to an older audience as well as kids (especially if you’re a comedy fan, given the delightful slate of guest stars who appear throughout the series, including Patton Oswalt, Chelsea Peretti, John Oliver, and “Weird Al” Yankovic, just to name a few.)

Gravity Falls is smart, hilarious, and heartfelt. From the initial premise it might seem like a simple Monster of the Week setup, but there’s a sophisticated overarching mystery lurking behind all of the creatively bizarre phenomena. Along with the fun monsters and adventure-driven storylines, there’s a stellar blend of clever and goofy humour, with in-jokes for viewers of all ages, lovably eccentric characters who are expertly voiced, and a setting and animation style that perfectly manages to balance bright whimsy with notes of truly dark creepiness.

Great show. I cannot agree more on the assessment. I’ll be rewatching soon.

Watching: One Great Thing to Watch

Watching: Five Great Things to Watch:

A scene from “Gravity Falls.”Disney
‘Gravity Falls’
Crossing the leisure-time sibling dynamic of “Phineas and Ferb” with a much smarter version of the comic mysteries of “Scooby Doo,” this lively and sweet animated series is about Dipper and Mabel Pines, 12-year-old twins who are shipped away to the middle of Oregon to live with their crazy “Grunkle” Stan. Stan runs a beaten-down tourist trap called the “Mystery Shack,” which becomes the nexus of supernatural happenings. Voiced by Jason Ritter and Kristen Schaal, the twins have a winning banter that’s underscored by real affection.

I cannot recommend Gravity Falls enough. If you have access to this show, watch it.

Library Patronage

I renewed my Chattanooga Public Library card. It cost me $50 because I no longer live in the city. My town, for reasons perhaps lost to time, doesn’t participate in the greater Chattanooga library system.

The town library does some things: readings for kids; events, or did in the before times; sells used books; and … hmmm … not much else.

I wonder about the rationale to keep the local library independent of the city system.

Anyway, if you are not part of your local library system or a nearby larger one, consider doing so. Libraries are wonderful resources. Support them.

Scratch that GBBO Itch

If this isn’t available with English translation in the US I will collapse a soufflé:

Unless you for some reason hate wholesome television (or more likely cooking contest shows), you’ve probably been drawn in by the charms of the U.K.-based televised baking contest The Great British Bake Off. With lovable contestants, comedic hosts, exciting challenges, beautiful and tasty-looking pastries and cakes, and only the slightest bit of drama, it’s become an international sensation, more than just any old reality show.

Luckily for fans of the original Britain-based show who have already binged all of the episodes available online, there are lots of international spinoffs, including the most recent one that appeared on Amazon Prime Japan: Bake Off Japan.

(Via SoraNews24)

For those interested in reducing your social media use, here’s an idea I’m trying to improve/regain my ability to focus:

  1. Open Instapaper (or other reader app of choice).

  2. Sort articles shortest-to-longest.

  3. Read. 

This could help.

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