The floor is restocked with inmates, err … people. All the little white baskets are full of isolated dinner bounty.

Let’s start at the end: candy 🍭🍫🍬

We’ve got breaded fish cutlets slathered in sauce, salad, rice (small helping this go round), pineapple, pickles, and kimchi.

I double checked that beer and booze are not options during my interment.

Today’s midday repast features pork, white fish, the obligatory rice, soup, and various veg of pickled and sauced varieties.

We got two new announcements before this delivery.

First, we must open the window and let the room air out three times daily. We need to make sure we do not open the door when we do.

Second, the room door might not close so we need to make sure we throw both locks. When we’re advised to get our meals outside the door we are cautioned that the door will close and lock. As such, we should be careful not to lock ourselves out of our rooms.


It looks like most of my floor is empty now. There’s one person next to my room but the rest of the floor meal baskets are empty. Maybe this is why the wifi is better today.

Anyway, breakfast!

The typical 1/3 bagel is joined by a 1/2 slice of multigrain, two eggs (hard boiled, I hope), more sliced sausage, salad, vegetable soup (note that they provide no bowls), salad dressing, butter, and jam.

Also in my basket is my quested restock of tea and coffee sachets.


Note to self: find out the Korean version of that

Day⒉ Wednesday. What’s up?

IMG 2890

I took a bath in the Japanese Hinoki tub. It’s tiny but smells great, like a citrus tree.

I got additional sachets of coffee and tea. They only bring more at the next meal delivery, so need to plan accordingly.

IMG 2877

New additional pillow! I asked and received a second head rester.

WebEx fail, phone conference instead. The Wifi in this hotel is ancient and slow. And, of course, WebEx wanted to update over my very slow connection, so 40 minutes later it was ready to join the meeting.

> LO #145: Poetic consultations, every heart emoji, wearing New York

A TV recommendation: “Repair Shop,” a BBC show available in the U.S. on Netflix. Sweet English people bring beloved, broken items to a thatched-roof workspace in the countryside and a team of professional craftspeople and restorers set about fixing them. It’s got everything: Bucolic scenery. Lovely working-class English accents. A guy who wears a leather workvest most of the time even though he doesn’t strictly need to. A man named Steve who quietly does most of the work of the group project. An upholsterer lady you will probably get a crush on. People nerding out about specialized tools. Not infrequent happy tears. And watching people make broken things whole again feels like a little metaphor for all of life right now

(Via Laura Olin)

I discovered this little gem not too long ago and cannot agree more. Totally low stakes reality TV. If you Find The Great British Baking Show too competitive and stressful but love the accents and skill, this is the show for you.