Stupid AF

Let’s assume people aren’t Volkswagen US and foolishly release their stupid AF (April Fool) nonsense in advance. They instead wait to unleash their stupid AF horse hockey on the day.

Stupid AF kicks off in the Pacific: Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, and a whole whack of other countries awake to a fairly regular day. Maybe shenanigans ensue. I have yet to see any worthy of the name, yet the countries have to remain vigilant all the same.

Stupid AF moves to India and Russia, then Africa, the Middle East, and Europe.

Stupid AF doesn’t really hit its stride until it reaches the Americas. The U.S., in particular, relishes in its stupid AF pranks.

Here’s the thing about those stupid AF pranksters in the Americas, and the U.S. in particular, …

It’s April 2 when Asia sees it.

That means ANZ, Japan, South Korea, and a lot of others have to stay vigilant about stupid AF bullshit for at least 36-47.9 hours.

And we do this because … ?

No one actually knows.

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Knocks, yellow, reflection

Someone is knocking on a nearby hotel room door with an implement. The sound is metallic, hollow, and I can’t help but think louder for me than the intended recipient.

A yellow dust from China descended on Korea, a dust obscuring Seoul after a rainfall forecast to clear out pollution. I’m told it’s an annual event, the yellow dust.

I settled up the hotel bill for my most recent two weeks in residence. It’s like a fortnightly rent payment, a clearing of the balance sheet, a zeroing out. It’s nice.

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