Kicking the tires on OneNote 2010

I’ve been a user of org-mode in Emacs for a number of years. I really like it. I’ve been hamstrung by the tools I have to use at work. They are not open systems or they are not configured to be open. So I cannot use the power of Emacs and org-mode as I would like. If I could integrate my work email, calendar, contacts, and so on I could RULE THE WORLD!

Hmmm. Perhaps not that, but I would be more potent with my information.

The amount of time I spend doing technical things dwindles regularly. I keep my hand in to keep from getting too rusty. I also need to make sure I’m keeping up with the state of things. The bulk of my time is spent in meetings, in email, in spreadsheets, in presentations, in documents, and researching.

I was surfing around the other day and stumbled on a review of Microsoft OneNote 2010. I lost the link, but the article intrigued me. Maybe I can use OneNote to replace org-mode for me in my work life?

There are a lot of similarities between the two. It makes me wonder if the developers are or were org-mode users. While surfing I can make notes that are automatically linked, I can store notebooks on the web or in SharePoint. I can arbitrarily capture data and associate it later. I can link from one item to another.

I’m just getting started, but so far I’m liking what I see. More to come!

Hello world! Again!

Note to self: don’t put the main part of the site as a directory!
I just got back up and working properly. The old version ran into a bug where it would decide not to display, which sucked.
Now I need to not only restore the database backup but also make it the active version. As soon as I do this will disappear.

Connection Timeout Error on iPhone App Store

I was looking to install an app (Hipstamatic) that I had removed from my Apple iPhone. Apple had yet another example of the ineffectiveness of end-user license agreements in my way. I clicked through only to be stymied by “Connection Timeout” window.
Various sources on-line say to check your date and time to make sure it is accurate. Mine was.
Others said to reboot your device. I did with no noticeable impact.
Yet others said to re-synch with iTunes. I don’t like iTunes. I don’t use iTunes. I don’t have iTunes. I don’t even have a machine that can run iTunes. I rely on my kids’ Macbooks if I absolutely need to do something with iTunes, otherwise I avoid it like the plague.
The solution was to log out of the app store. It took me a while to find that option at the bottom of the main App Store page. I logged out. I logged in. Now I could click through to the install page.
Hope this helps!

Style over utility? No.

I really like this theme from mono-lab that I’m using. The drawback is that the “body” section can only have one of three fixed sizes.
On my PCs and laptops there is no issue with the largest setting. But my netbook doesn’t display the whole thing even when I remove all of the window manager chrome.
Folks, live with it. You can use the mobile view of this site, RSS, or else run it though something like Readability. I don’t track stats or do any advertising, so I’m not too concerns how you get here.