FireFox 4

I am a big fan of firefox 4. Its so far a great browser.
What do I want?
Let me put the “super button”, the url/location bar, and the forward & back buttons on the title bar. Let me put the tabs down the left side.
Seriously, if I can put the location bar and such in the title bar, my screen real estate will be more effective. I tried this in FF 4. It crashed when moving the address bar up.
Bigger question – why aren’t vertical tabs at least supported by default in browsers not named Opera? Firefox, Chrome, IE, and so on are three years behind on this one. Give us at least a toggle, darn you! Analyzing Teredo with tshark and Wireshark

Johannes Ullrich wrote up a nice article on Teredo, the IPv6 tunneling protocol built in to all modern versions of Windows. If you’re not sure what terado is,

The protocol tunnels IPv6 traffic from hosts behind NAT gateways via UDP packets, exposing them via IPv6 and possibly evading commonly used controls like Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), Proxies or other network defenses.

This is an excellent read for how to detect and analyze the traffic.

How to Protect Your Flash Drive Data with TrueCrypt

Over at the How-To Geek, Jason Faulkner wrote up a nice piece on using TrueCrypt, one of my all-time favorite multi-platform security tools:

Just about any self respecting geek always has a flash drive handy. Whether it is on your key ring on in your purse, having the ability to access certain files and utilities anywhere can really come in handy at times. However, if you were to lose or have this flash drive stolen, depending on what is stored on the drive, you could be setting yourself up for a completely preventable disaster.

With the help of TrueCrypt, you can easily protect the data stored your flash drive so that if it is lost or stolen, nobody will be able to get to your sensitive files.

Read the whole article here.