Ars kicks off March with Hacker Movie Madness

Rather than make a definitive, ordered list, we decided to hand the debate to you, our esteemed sci-fi super-fans. And with Spring coming around the corner, we’re going with a March-related theme and presenting our picks for best, weirdest, and most interesting hacking-related movies in an elimination tournament. Starting this week, we’re pitting 16 films against each other—a sweet selection, really—in eight vote-based contests. (64 would have been way too many, so we’ve already listed some losers.)

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via Ars kicks off March with Hacker Movie Madness.

How To Tell If A Job You Want Is Out Of Reach

Ed Rojas and I discussed interviewing on a couple of recent PVC Security Podcasts. The Muse recently posted an article about how to measure if a job you want is realistically within your ability:

There it is.
Posted on the job board of your dream company.
A job that is totally amazing. A big step up from the job you’ve currently got. And, yes—maybe just ever-so-slightly out of your reach.
Should you apply anyway? Or would it be a total waste of your time—and theirs?
This four-question guide can help you decide whether to go for it or hold back. Grab your pen and get ready for a healthy reality check.

Give the article a read. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.