Could Do

Somewhere in one of my RSS feeds (it’s not dead, it’s still relevant, you should take advantage, and here’s a link to mine) there was an article about making a “Could Do” list.

The “Could Do” concept, which seems to go back on-line to at least 2006, is simple: a list of things one could pick up and work on anytime with no specific risk if anything on the list is ever touched. It is similar to David Allen’s Getting Things DoneSomeday/Maybe” list but is even less formal.

Here is my “Could Do” list:

  • SSH key refresh including host + username updates in ssh.config and other apps
  • Check out if the corporate mobile phone plan supports Apple Watch yet
  • Organize photos
  • Organize music
  • A better notes and list system (a la Atomic Habits’ recommendation to “Forget about goals; focus on systems”)
  • Make bread (cliché, but for a reason)
  • Make a “refill” list of things non-grocery that need an occasional top-off (like hand soap, dish soap, laundry soap, toilet paper, and paper towels) yet don’t require a permanent place on the grocery list. I’m going with something I will laminate and hand on my eventual fridge)
  • Review subscriptions, digital and meatspace
  • Automate low value but necessary things

Some of the ones I already knocked off that you, dear reader, may want on your list are:

  • Implement a backup strategy for my devices
  • Improve WiFi
  • Archive ebooks and audiobooks and other digital media I’ve purchased
  • Make a budget
  • Simplify my finances
  • Revive some not-quite-dead tech

… and that’s about all I’ve done since The Event.