Korea day 18 breakfast

I’m getting larger. I need to trim back where I can do I don’t have to refuse tasty treats later. Thus I give you …

The healthy breakfast: egg white asparagus omelet with more asparagus on the side, not one but two salads, fruit, yogurt, and such.

Notice the bread in the background? Untouched.

Korea quarantine day 13 dinner

Finis! The last meal of the quarantine is upon us!

Looks like chicken ? nuggets, potato ?, pasta salad, jalapeño ? , pickled cabbage ? , and pineapple ?

? And a mysterious green mini sized treat.

What is it? Damned if I know.

What does it taste like? Shoulder shrug ?‍♂️

I think it’s a biscuit/cookie, but would not testify to that. It’s dry, crunchy, dusty, and bland.

Would I eat it again? Probably not.

And with that we wrap this series up! ??????

Stay tuned for what comes next.

Korea quarantine day 13 breakfast

Last quarantine breakfast!

Let’s get to it!

You know what this means, Dear Friends. It’s breakfast sando time!

As one should expect in this setting, we’ve lapped the meals. I do like the eggs in their own container but I wish they were less stodgy with the salt.

Of course, tomorrow that is other inmates’s problem.


Korea quarantine day 12 dinner

Tonight we have fried cutlets, a slaw-like salad, rice, I think curry, pickles, kimchi, and not one and not two treats — four treats!

Someone ? will be delighted I’m eating candy. Wonder if it will hold up after my release.

Diving in while waiting for my COVID test.

Getting ready for my test

Check this action out!

I’m liking the Korean mask ?. It doesn’t pull on the ears too much. It’s soft. And it has room for (most of) my beard!

Also, I just mint balmed my chin mane, making it minty fresh up in here.

Korea quarantine day 12 lunch

Another repast repeat:

  • Ham
  • Boiled white fish
  • Rice
  • Soup
  • Pickled veg

Making up for the delayed meals yesterday, lunch was dropped off a full thirty minutes early.

So far today I’ve been oddly productive. I did some lite work. I’ve been doing maintenance on my site, an overdue overhaul of my RSS feeds, and some laptop cleanup as space is an issue (& I forgot my USB drive).

Later I’ll be tearing into my Emacs & Org-mode config to make it more conducive to writing and less to programming (which I don’t really do much of anymore).

And, of course, a bath ?