Korea quarantine day 13 dinner

Finis! The last meal of the quarantine is upon us!

Looks like chicken ? nuggets, potato ?, pasta salad, jalapeño ? , pickled cabbage ? , and pineapple ?

? And a mysterious green mini sized treat.

What is it? Damned if I know.

What does it taste like? Shoulder shrug ?‍♂️

I think it’s a biscuit/cookie, but would not testify to that. It’s dry, crunchy, dusty, and bland.

Would I eat it again? Probably not.

And with that we wrap this series up! ??????

Stay tuned for what comes next.

Korea quarantine day 12 lunch

Another repast repeat:

  • Ham
  • Boiled white fish
  • Rice
  • Soup
  • Pickled veg

Making up for the delayed meals yesterday, lunch was dropped off a full thirty minutes early.

So far today I’ve been oddly productive. I did some lite work. I’ve been doing maintenance on my site, an overdue overhaul of my RSS feeds, and some laptop cleanup as space is an issue (& I forgot my USB drive).

Later I’ll be tearing into my Emacs & Org-mode config to make it more conducive to writing and less to programming (which I don’t really do much of anymore).

And, of course, a bath ?