I enjoy peeping these hidden rooftop spaces from my wee room on the eleventh floor.

First up is a space that epitomizes what I’m talking about:

This one seems sadly underutilized and a bit messy

Next we have a space looking like maybe it’s under construction:

Now we’re back into the better appointed spaces. This one says, “Party!”

Hard to see in this picture but there is a fence done up in green to keep people from the next building spying:

Here we have a more utilitarian patio:

This one reminds me of a boat with all the aquamarine and metal ladders:

When I shopped for housing in Tokyo five (!!!) years ago I wanted a place with a space like these in an older building. What I got was one of the best views of Tokyo from a high rise away from the city. I would not have chosen any differently. I still dream about that apartment on a regular basis.

H/t to the iOS camera app Obscura. The focus control made these pictures through the dirty window and screen possible. Maybe you can play with focus in the stock camera app, but I haven’t found out how.

Sinsin Hotel, Seoul, KR

12 °C overcast clouds

Hmmm. Sausages.

Normally this would be a sando situ, but I might not do so today as the sausages intrigue me.

Also, the deficient bread quantity doesn’t help, though I do have another slice of processed cheese.

Cereal & milk, salad & dressing, congee, and a banana ?

Also, some new internee on the floor is smoking. It wafted into my room this morning when I closed the window. I had to close it because someone is sorting long metal poles below my room. So it goes.

Would you like a side of pickled jalapeños with your meal? Not to put on anything, mind you – just to nosh on.

Those spicy slices of amuse bouche are joined by yet more pickled cabbage (glad I like that so much) and what I think is a small ball of mashed potato.

In the big tray is pork ribs (??), marinated mushrooms ?, and fried rice ?.

For desert, a Rice Krispies Treat! There’s “so much to love about -” …

It’s Friday! Friday! Gotta get down on Friday. Everybody’s looking forward to the weekend!

Today we have another repeat meal. And it was delivered late.

What bums me out is the lack of release paperwork for Monday. I think I’m supposed to get tested today in advance of my release. Maybe lunch will bring the bureaucracy I crave.

Late again with the meal. And the PA announcements need better governance: the volume is LOUD and they’ve replayed bits in separate subsequent segments.

The isolation, part and parcel with this quarantine, is getting to me. Having really bad wifi, so not being able to video chat, isn’t helping either with my state of mind or my workload.

On to the food!

Ham and noodles, braised beef, those dough balls, mustard potato salad, pickles, that cookie/biscuit I like, and marinara sauce.

Double digits! Woohoo!

Lunch was late today, so I spent time gazing out my arrow slit of a window. I was pleased to see so many people walking around without coats.

On to the main event.

  • Breaded fried shrimp
  • Lung with peppers in red sauce
  • Rice with another egg disk on it
  • Kimchi
  • Beans(?)
  • Noodle salad
  • Spicy fish soup

WARNING: Sando situ ahead

Virtual repeat this morning. Western eyes will be familiar with all. The bowl is a mushroom broccoli congee. But check this out!

That, Dear Friends, is a slice of honest-to-God, absolutely real processed fake cheese, perfect for my breakfast sandwich needs. If only I had some of the rolls this morning and not the sweet wheat bread and croissant I’m saddled with. So it goes.

My meal includes “The Original Milk since 1964″ (I thought it would be older), so I got that going for me.

The MVP of my forced isolation is this guy:

They do not provide knives here. Thankfully I nabbed this dude from my Delta flight. I have another one in my kit but this one is better.

And there you have it. Enjoy!

We got yer fish, yer rice, hash browns, pickles, pineapple, cabbage, beef stew (maybe another curry situation), and …

What’s all this then? A mystery treat!

It’s basically a Moon Pie – two soft cookies (a.k.a. biscuits) sandwiching marshmallow and coated in milk chocolate. Tasty. And crumbly!

Oh, great … now we’re gonna get ants ? Sure, I’m on the eleventh floor, but ants ? are crafty and climby.

Chopstick fail!

Hmmm. Someone was sleeping in the QA line for this poor stick. I will soldier on, warmed by the knowledge that my overcoming such an obstacle will make me a better man.

We got: bamboo shoots, mushrooms, marinated greens, glass noodles, chicken & veg, and yet more fried rice. A bowl of fish soup (bone in, it seems) rounds the meal out.