Another Take on Engineering Notebooks

Another Take on Engineering Notebooks:

Kleiman’s post can be useful for a wide range of users. The main takeaway, for me at least, is that your tools and specific procedures are not as important as organizing your data and scripts and keeping careful notes on what problem you’re trying to solve and the steps you’ve taken to solve it.

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Here is the original article that kicked this off. As I’ve been trying to simplify my workflows to better manage my data my thinking has informally been tending toward what Dan Kleiman wrote. I don’t have code any more, replaced by the constant flood of documentation coming my way for various projects. Something like this could would for me with a few small changes.

Language/Editor Integration

Language/Editor Integration:

Articles about Org mode almost always make the point that Org documents are plain text and can be edited with any editor. That’s true and it’s part of what gives Org its power.

On the other hand, just because you can edit Org mode documents with any editor doesn’t mean you should or would. Who, other than in an emergency, would do such a thing1? One reason not to do so is, of course, that Org mode runs in the Emacs lisp interpreter so you can’t get agendas, generate reports, use the spreadsheet functionality, or a host of other things in other editors.

A more subtle reason, though, is that the Org language is integrated with the Emacs editor.

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I agree … but …

I don’t have a universal Emacs device. I use Orgzly on Android [F-Droid & Google Play] and beorg on iOS for tasks and agenda stuff when I’m mobile which fill the gaps a bit. I use Termux on Android [F-Droid & Google Play] for a more full-featured Emacs experience. And of course I have Emacs on my MacBook Air, my MacMini, and my Surface Pro 4.

There is a capture gap that still needs addressing. Then, manipulating that which has been captured.

I don’t have a good solution, but I know that this is not (directly) an Emacs issue. And it should not be a Gnu Emacs issue, because RMS won’t let it be. Too many compromises would need to be made in order to facilitate an “official” macOS Share Sheet for Emacs, for example.

Abo-abo, maker of Ivy, Swiper, Counsel, et al

From Irreal:

Oleh Krehel (abo-abo) is the author of many outstanding packages including the essential Ivy/Swiper/Counsel suite that revolutionizes searching …

Abo-abo hasn’t gone a day without committing to GitHub in over 3 years. That’s astounding and an indicator of how much abo-abo has contributed to the Emacs community. It turns out that abo-abo has a Patreon Page and is trying to get sufficient backing to allow him to dedicate one day a week to his open source projects. This is very worthwhile and I encourage anyone who can—or can strong-arm their employer—to support his efforts. He’s more than earned it.

Abo-abo’s stuff is top notch. This work improved my workflow in ways I can’t comprehend any more because they’re so in-grained.

I’ll contribute. I hope you do, too, if you can.

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Scale All #Emacs Windows for Presentations

Scale All Emacs Windows for Presentations:

If you use Emacs in or for your presentations, here’s a nice tip from Robin Green on how to scale all the windows up for better presentation:


You’ll have to load Drew Adams’ zoom-frm.el but if you give a lot of presentations where Emacs and its buffers play a significant role, you may find it worthwhile and helpful.

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I don’t use Emacs for presentations but I wish I did. Maybe it will be my next project? Who knows?

This is a great tip anyway. For example, when I lose or break my glasses, insane zoom will be the only way I can read my Emacs.

Org ELPA can now be accessed via https

So there’s this:

On Thu, Jan 4, 2018 at 12:59 AM Shiyao MA <address@hidden> wrote:
>  Hi,

>  is there a plan to move org elpa from http to https?

It’s already https: …

From “[O] is there a plan to move org elpa from http to https?” on

The instruction page referencing installation via Org ELPA is updated: Basically you edit your entry in your init file from http:// to https://, such as …

(add-to-list 'package-archives '("org" . "") t)

Get you some TLS!

Linux Journal on Scimax

Linux Journal on Scimax:

Over at the Linux Journal, Joey Bernard has a nice article on John Kitchin’s scimax. I’ve written about scimax before but for those who came in late, it’s a collection of Emacs and Org mode tools to make using reproducible research methods for performing and writing about research easier.

If you’re doing research and especially if you’re publishing your results you really should check out scimax. A good way to see what it can do for you is to take a look at its manual or by watching Kitchin’s video

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I love the stuff John Kitchin has come up with. Bits and bobs can work in your config even if you’re not doing research.