03:55 departure time sucks. Just sayin’. Pls Enjoy the RUH terminal 1 water feature.

I was in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) last week. While there, a colleague showed me his Samsung Galaxy Fold.
It was unexpected, him having this device. When he started using it folded, it looked like a small clunky generic Android phone. Then he flipped it open to take a look at a map.
That’s when it got interesting.
And then it was no longer interesting. It works, but not in a way I would like. The basically square screen one gets when opening the unit would be ill suited to reading PDFs or eBooks, or watching movies, or anything other than generic web browsing and email. Well, I guess Maps would be good, too, which was why he opened up the phone.
I’ve been casually thinking about what kind of a fold-out form factor would work for me and I can’t come up with one. I’m still stuck on the idea of an eInk tablet.