I’m working on improving my health. Lifehacker has what I think might be a useful post:
Where to Start When You Want to Optimize Your Health:

Exercise, any kind
You can run, lift weights, do yoga, take classes—there are tons of options. Any exercise is better than none, and if you’re feeling out of shape, try doing a little more than whatever you’re currently doing.
A healthy week’s worth of exercise should include:
Some cardio
Some strength training
You might be a runner who gets in a few quick strength sessions, or a lifter who hops on the rower for a little cardio once or twice a week. Or maybe you play a sport that gives you a good mix of both in every practice.
If you’re new to everything, explore until you find something you love.

Here’s the problem: there is no form of exercise that I love.
I’m someone who played three sports in high school, played a bunch of intramural at uni, and even played soe semi-organized soccer and hockey (ice and roller blade) as an adult. I like to hike. I like to swim. I like to bike. I will lift weights or use a machine. I will hop on a treadmill.
Love enters into none of my exercise equation. I’ve never experienced any kind of “high” from exercise or sports. I even ran cross country for a hot minute in high school and stopped because it was such a slog and boring.
More sleep and less garbage food & stress – those I get behind whole heartedly.

Starting Saturday 16 March 23:00 JST, my body experienced an outage of my lower back. Several appointments were canceled or rescheduled until service is fully restored. I am continuing to work on restoring normal operations via:

  • Stretching
  • Beginner yoga posses
  • Hot baths ~ 40 degree C
  • Laying flat on my heated floor
  • Ibuprofen

Service currently operates at about 80% of normal.
Root cause analysis is ongoing. However, the triggering event may not be known with certainty. Strange body contortions while carrying a shoulder bag in a very crowded BOOKOFF in Akihabara is considered most likely.
Preventive maintenance and resiliency of operations planning is underway. These measures will include:

  • Stretching
  • Yoga
  • Core strengthening

These measures are more critical than ever as the infrastructure, currently at version 46.02, cannot be replaced.
This outage is unrelated to the nose pimple pictured above, which is resolved.
This outage is also unrelated to the vision degradation last week. That maintenance should be completed 20 March between 14:00 and 21:00 JST.