#Japan is the Contactless Payment Turf War Epicenter


What’s interesting is that Global FeliCa support in iPhone 8, iPhone X and Apple Watch 3 lets anybody visiting Japan with those devices add Suica to Apple Pay and instantly enjoy the benefits of Japanese FeliCa contactless payments.

Apple Pay in Japan is the only place in the world where you can mix and match FeliCa and EMV payments side by side with the same device. That’s astonishing, and lots of fun.

I always like Joel’s take on Apple & payments in Japan.


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Clearly, the wisdom of the ages speaks to us in modernity.

2016 Emerging Cyber Threats Report

2016 Emerging Cyber Threats Report

Nearly two dozen cybersecutity experts from Georgia Tech, business, government and defense, share their observations about emerging trends in a more connected world — where cyberattacks grow more persistent and sophisticated by the day. While some threats and response mechanisms continue unchanged year over year, other conflicts and challenges are becoming dramatically more intense. Academia, industry and government must work together in bold new ways to solve the grand challenges of cybersecurity


I haven’t read it yet but it’s going in my queue for my plane ride this week.

What are your thoughts?

The Unexpected

Just now my hotel room filled with a smoke smell. I couldn’t nail down the source any more than the hotel staff could.

It was apparent by the focused approach of the technician that this wasn’t unique. His response after finding nothing and the security guard’s response let me know it was unique.

It’s a lovely room they moved me to. I think I retrieved all my tech before relocating.