If you ever think you’re going to consume a piece of media more than a few different times in your life, own it. If you consume whatever is in the zeitgeist and then move on to the next new thing, stay with streaming.

Physical media is great if you can afford it in money and space. Digital, especially high fidelity versions, are also great and more convenient. Digital also has costs.

Don’t horde media. Curate and collect it. It takes more time and energy to do, but you’ll benefit from it.

Don’t steal from artists and creators.

Keep track of your media, physical and digital, so you don’t waste time chasing something you already own.

Back up digital media.

Host your own cloud platform, if you can.

Prefer DRM-free versions from vendors.

Do not expect any vendor allow you to reacquire your media months or years later.

Pay for local news, if you can.

Use your local library for everything you can.