I’m in the process of reevaluating my news feeds. The method is much the same as evaluating Cyber Security threat intelligence feeds. Is it:

  • Timely?
  • Accurate?
  • Actionable?
  • Updated?
  • Adding value?

I categorize my information intake in several ways:

  • News
  • Analysis, Editorial & Opinion (most blogs, podcasts, and personal social media feeds)
  • Technical
  • Press releases

With all of this, I find myself overwhelmed with data. Much is redundant and not adding value. Some adds value but isn’t timely. Some opinion is fopped of as news. Branded content permeates.

What sources do you use? How to you consume them? How do you value them?

Last week my LinkedIn and email was hit with a bunch of messages congratulating me on my work anniversary. “Huh? What work anniversary are they on about?”

It’s my IBM global one!

I was negligent in forgetting my very move to Big Blue. The work that I did and do, the opportunities at my disposal, and the very fact I live and work in Tokyo amply shows becoming an IBMer was a great move for me.

And the people I work with in Japan and globally are valuable colleagues and, in some wonderful instances, friends.

Happy work birthday to me!

From Security Affairs:

Google expert discovered a new stack-based overflow vulnerability in AMD CPUs that could be exploited via crafted EK certificates,
Chip manufacturers are in the tempest, while media are continues sharing news about the Meltdown and Spectre attacks, the security researcher at Google’s cloud security team Cfir Cohen disclosed a stack-based overflow vulnerability in the fTMP of AMD’s Platform Security Processor (PSP).

The vulnerability affects 64-bit x86 processors, the AMD PSP provides administrative functions similar to the Intel Management Engine.

We’re going to see a lot more investigation into hardware vulnerabilities. It won’t be pretty, I expect.

What researchers discover will not be easy or inexpensive to fix. My hope is that hardware manufacturers realize it is less expensive and better for their reputation to improve their processes in relation to secure-by-design.

Back in November 2011 I wrote a little post about a problem I solved: IBM (formerly Lotus) Notes wasn’t using the correct browser in Windows if Google Chrome was in the mix. The post peaked in 2013 yet is still the #1 thing people come to my site to view. In Japan we’re on 2018 day 004. I already have 18 views on this one very old, very specific post. It started as a quick note so I wouldn’t forget how to fix it.

I’m pleased people still find it useful while a bit surprised by the longevity.

Sorting Org Mode lists using a sequence of regular expressions:

I manually categorize Emacs News links into an Org unordered list, and then I reorganize the list by using M-S-up (org-shiftmetaup) and M-S-down (org-shiftmetadown). I decide to combine or split categories depending on the number of links. I have a pretty consistent order. John Wiegley suggested promoting Emacs Lisp and Emacs development links at the top of the list. I like to sort the rest of the list roughly by interest: general links first, then Org, then coding, then other links at the bottom.

(Via Emacs – Sacha Chua)

I always look forward to Sacha’s weekly Emacs News articles. She always finds one or two things I find interesting.

I’ve often wondered how she puts it together, and now I know. I might have a use for her method and code at work. Hmm …

I am in a rut, a predictable routine, for restaurants and izakaya. I don’t get out much, at least when there is no external driver to knock me out of my routine.

When I was traveling to Tokyo in advance of my relocation every place outside of my hotel was an adventure. When I moved I tagged certain places as being “go to” venues.

I’ve been here a year. Now I go to the same 6 restaurants/izakaya in the week. I grab lunches in the office cafeteria and breakfasts in the convenience store. The remainder is home cooking.

I want to keep and expand my home cooking. I also want to go beyond my early comfort zone for izakaya. I want to find new places, to get out of my rut.

My 2018 goal is to find a new restaurant each week, be it for breakfast or lunch or dinner. Another goal is to eat at home one more meal per week. Having meals ready made is key.

What are you doing to break out of your habits, at least a bit, in 2018?