Crome Book of Words


Herein find various things of my devising, except for the stuff by other people. The Crome [sic] Book of Words is something that I started in high school, and recently rediscovered. Some are quotes from books I don’t remember and other entries are my observation. Unfortunately, when composing and compiling this list I neglected, either through poor technique or outright laziness, to cite the sources.

If memory serves, a few are direct from Dune by Frank Herbert. Some are from newspaper articles. Some sound awfully Buddhist, Taoist, or Zen. Some are from my own, delightful mind. Anyway, please contact me if you can help me acknowledge the sources appropriately.

Crome Book of Words

“Why me?”, asked the adept.  “Why you?”, responded the master.  “Because you are there.  Because something has to happen to you.”

Once the avalance begins it is too late for the pebbles to vote.

One should avoid predictability, yet strive for consistency.  Predictability negates all action.  Consistency is the development in others of your nature without knowing your methods.

To understand the flaws in others is to understand yourself.  One reason is to derive the type of person and the other is to discover the flaws within yourself.

Never look for complexity.  Break all things down into more simple components.

“The simplest, most direct solution is the most often correct.” – Occam’s Razor

“The  perversity of the universe tends toward a maximum.” – Finagle’s Law

“Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity.” – Hanlon’s Razor

Those who speak do not know.  Those who know do not speak.

Reality is not a one level affair.

The key to knowing power is how to avoid it.

The belief in coincidence is the prevalent superstition of science.

Life is an illusion, but one that must be taken seriously.

Communication is only possible between equals.

The person who can concentrate on the same subject for 3 consecutive minutes can rule the world.

It is not how long one has been in a place.  It is what was done while there.

The bold come to violent ends.

Be diligent, but by no means obsess.  Obsession is a wasteful activity.

To be independent is to be removed.

The hardest fear to overcome is the fear of our own mistakes.  It is the only fear we cannot correct.

Act in confidence of your judgement, but accept what may befall without regret.

All coincidences have meaning.

It is not whether or not an end justifies means or vice versa.  An end adjusts the path behind it.

The innocent move without care.

Leaders always wait while others do the interesting things.

The surest way to keep people from inquiring about a secret is to make them believe they know the answer.

Test boundaries with irreverence.

Indifference destroys.

In doing good, avoid notoriety.  In doing ill, avoid self awareness.

The wise blend into surroundings.

Knowing is a barrier which prevents learning.  Knowledge has no uses without purpose, but purpose is what builds enclosing walls.

There is unknown all around at every moment.  That is where to seek knowledge.

Look at problems with as few preconceived notions and ask: “Now what is this thing doing?  What is it, in and of itself?”

A specialist brings confusion to decision, looks to narrow standards of specialty.  A generalist brings healthy common sense.  A generalist must understand that anything identified is part of a larger phenomena, that things change and develop, and that which may be a correct assessment now may be wrong later.  Yet this assessment can be changed and developed later.

To rule requires accurate judgement on those who wield your power.

One learns from books that only certain things can be done.  Actual learning requires one does those things.

Fortune passes everywhere.

Stress is a powerful tool.  And the lack of it is important, too.

When one thinks something is known is precisely the moment for deeper examination.

Philosophy should be approached with irreverence.

Everything must remain mobile or perish.

If one focuses only upon personal rightness, then one invites the opposition to overwhelm.  This is a common error.

Do not dismiss a messenger for the message.  If all who report accurately are thus dismissed, one will hear only words directed towards vanity.

Any power must always meet a greater power.

All proofs invariably lead to propositions which have no proof.  All things are known because we want to believe in them.

Reserve an attitude of questioning logic for anything which presents itself in the guise of logic.

Good leadership never depends upon rules, but on the personal qualities of  those who lead.  The machinery of leadership is always subordinate to the will of those who administer that machinery.  Therefore, the most important element of leadership is the method of choosing leaders.

To suspect your own mortality is to know the beginning of terror; to learn irrefutably that you are mortal is to know the end of terror.

The most dangerous of all creations is a rigid code of ethics.  It will turn upon you and drive you into exile.

In preparation there is patience.  In striking there is swiftness.

To wait without purpose is the state of highest tension.  Do not compete with what is happening.  To compete is to prepare for failure.  To not be trapped by the need to achieve anything.  This way, you achieve everything.

Power cannot overcome ignorance.

Make every action toward some end.

To use raw power is to make one’s self infinitely vulnerable to greater power.

Keep business as such and never personal.

Do not talk when you can listen.

The test is not in what one says will be done but what is actually done.

The desperate are most dangerous.

Fear makes one foolish.

Worry saps the strength.

He who can destroy a thing has the real control of it.

It is easier to be terrified of an enemy you admire.

Keep the mind on the knife and not on the hand that holds it.  Know its subtle uses and its perils.

Power is a two edged sword that, if not used properly, can destroy the hand that wields it.

The proximity of a desirable thing temps one to overindulgence.  On that path lies danger.

Knowing where a trap lay is the first step in avoiding it.

Persuade.  Do not compel.

The joy of living, its beauty, is all bound up in the fact that life can surprise you.

In doing a thing it is best done actively.

The purpose of argument is to change the nature of truth.

Balance is what distinguishes a people from a mob.  Discipline distinguishes a warrior from the crowd.

When innermost drives are squelched, the entire being screams betrayal.

The haughty do but build castle walls behind which they try to hide their doubts and fears.

Little things are infinitely the most important.  How can one percieve the big picture without observing details?

Imagination is invaluable.

One observes survivors and learns from them.

Do not see; observe.  Do not hear; listen.  Do not touch; feel.

Every experience carries its lesson.

Each day, each moment brings its change.  One learns by recognizing the moments.

Survival is the ability to swim in strange water, the ability to find the currents and patterns.

A process cannot be understood by stopping it.  Understanding must move with the flow of the process, must join with it and flow with it.

Ambitions tend to be undisturbed by reality.

Belief can be manipulated.  Knowledge and truth are dangerous.

Emotion clouds observation.

Understand consequences.

Every judgement teeters on the brink of error.

Advice is a dangerous commodity.

Never assume.  Assumptions are passive.  Always anticipate.  Anticipation is active.

All values acquire new relationships.

Most deadly errors arise from obsolete assumptions made absolute.  In absolutes the way is lost.

Truth suffers from too much analysis.

Too much knowledge never makes for simple decisions.

Logic is useless unless armed with essential data.

It is a pleasure to see direct and effective action.

Attack ideas, not the people who hold them.

One who can say no to others is strong.  One who can say no to one’s self is wise.

Beyond a certain point the whole universe becomes a continuous process of initiation.

Help may arrive invisibly and unexpectedly from unknown sources.

Necessity knows no law.

It is better to know the truth then to lazily accept the plausible as most do.

Life is hard, but it is much harder if you are simple minded.

Every hour presents new opportunities.

The word ‘impossible’ was invented by people to explain their failures.

What will finish must begin.

What is difficult at first becomes easy later and eventually a pleasure.

Concentrate on the essentials.

What is need compared to the path?

To find meaning listen to the music, not the song.

With the help of those who will aid me and in spite of those who would hinder me, I shall prevail.

I will cultivate within myself those traits I cherish in others.

To know is to be called upon to act.