※ None of my sports takes are hot ones.

If I have to watch sports, which I generally try to avoid, I watch these:

  1. Futbol, especially World Cup play
  2. Baseball
  3. Curling
  4. … any random event …

After that is any major league without a team in Las Vegas. Then the leagues with a team in Las Vegas. Last is the NBA, perhaps the most dull of all pro sports leagues. Special exception to the worst is for the Olympics.

A weird peccadillo of a certain stripe of American sports fans is their eagerness to add ever more torturous and game-ruining rules onto the on-field stuff in sports, until the humanity and fun are drained out of them, out of some blinkered insistence that this is all perfectable if only somebody clamps it a little more tightly into its straitjacket. This is how you get modern NFL football, a Monty Python skit parody of sports that could not be more hostile to all but its most dedicated cultists if it made their TVs spray pig blood at them. NFL teams nursing late leads waste time on purpose, of course—but only in the sanctioned ways! Otherwise they might subject themselves to four hours of standing around while the referees consult The Scrolls and attempt to explain their findings to the worldwide television audience.

Albert Burneko, Defector

Legalized sports betting does not benefit the bettor and diminishes the league in which it is legal.

Should ice hockey be in places where ice isn’t a common occurrence?

Expecting professional sports team owners to do anything other than enriching themselves is a fool’s errand.

Professional athletes are not heroes by virtue of playing sports. They are also not warriors or gladiators or other hyperbolic metaphor. Coaches are not geniuses, nor are athletes. Can some be objectively considered mentally above the mean? Yes. Is it as common as expressed by the media? Not likely.

There is little distinction between amateur and professional athletics in the U.S. Every year, collegiate athletics veer further and further away from their mandate in pursuit of the Almighty Dollar.