Buenos Aires, EZE to ATL to DTW

[ed: if this is a repeat post, my apologies.]

The Aerolineas Argentinian lounge was really nice once I found it. They had snacks, drinks of various varieties, free wifi, and comfortable seats. I grabbed some sandwiches and a beer and camped out. The occupants were me and one other guy all the way at the other end of the lounge. It was 2 hours to boarding.

Just as I settle in a family from the US came in, louder than a flock of geese. The spread themselves out across seating for twice the number then proceeded to talk with each other. They’re obviously southerners, and not accustomed to the lounge scene. I snacked some more, but eventually I just packed up and left.

Yes, they were on my flight.

After buying some chocolate I headed to the gate. The area was crowded and poorly laid out. The boarding lanes were basically right up to rows of seats. There was a lot of staff there but no one seemed to run the show. They started letting some folks board before they made the boarding call. Then they did pre-boarding. Finally they did business class.

Flights originating overseas for the US requires yet another review of your papers and riffle through bags before you board the plane. As usual this is cursory and I few through.

Once on board it was clear the cabin crew was no better organized than the gate crew. They kept getting in each others way. They came around with coffee and tea before anyone had any cups, and it took that guy a few minutes to realize it. Different parts of the business class cabin got fed before others, or drinks before others, but in no rhyme nor reason I could fathom other than randomness.

I tried to give the cabin crew a box of chocolates but I couldn’t get and keep anyone’s attention long enough, so I gave up.

The plane itself was an old-style 767-300ER. The overhead bins were the old flat small kind. The seats were not lay flat. I don’t fit those seats very well when trying to sleep. It’s like I’m both too tall and not tall enough. Shen I shift to make my legs and knees have good support it hurts by back. When I shift down to help my back my feet hang over the end making them hurt. And forget about turning on your side. And it was warm in the cabin for the whole flight. Turning the air vent on did little to ameliorate.

I got maybe two hours of sleep on the plane.

The food and wine were great. I’ll do a write up and post pictures later.

A good illustration of the disorganized flight was as we were about to land. I don’t mean as they announced that we’d started our descent. I mean we were a few hundred feet off the ground and one of the cabin crew shouts, “Sir! You have to take your seat for landing!” The fellow dropped into his seat two beats before the wheels hit the tarmac.

I saw the flight attendants walk down the other isle twice, but no one walked down ours.

In ATL, the Global Entry/Global Traveler worked better than it ever has. There are 10 to 20 of the kiosks ready to go when you hit the immigration section. This was great because several other oversees flights arrive just before and just after our plane. I was through and waiting for the bags when our carrousel  kicked in.

My bag came off early, so I went to the transfer point, checked in for my flight, and tried to drop my bag where the woman told me to. Another staffer said, “You can’t do that here”. She said it while handing other peoples’ bags.

“You have to take it to the counter over there”, pointing to where I had just checked in.

The check-in kiosks are cordoned off in such a way that intuitively anyone would do the same thing I did. There was no direct path from the machine to the counter. And when I walked up no one was at the counter.

Anyway, I dropped my bag off and wandered in. I asked how to get to the new international terminal and was pointed up the escalators.

Terminal F looks nice. Nothing much was open at 6 AM yet, but I followed the signs up another escalator the the new Delta Sky Club.

This place is nice. There is a lot of room, a lot of light, and it is all brand new.

After I checked in I made my way to the showers. An agent was there to check me in to one of the rooms. She loaded me up with toothbrush and paste and mouthwash and a razor (much needed) and shaving creams and lotions and stuff. Shampoo and conditioner and body wash were waiting for me in the room, number 8.

As a note, number 7 apparently is the biggest one since it is made for handicapped use.

I took a shower, shaved, cleaned my teeth, and redressed. I felt so much better! I found a place to sit then grabbed some oatmeal and yogurt from the counter, some coffee from the machine, and a New York Times.

After that the lack of sleep started to catch up with me so I moved into the “Beats Lounge”, some co-branding thing that I think isn’t fully up and running yet. The chairs are big and recline somewhat with swivel work tables. I plugged in then took a 2 hour nap.

I woke to the sound of a loud southern woman talking. She sat with her friend just outside of my area. She talked on the phone, she talked to her friend, then the other friend, and her husband, and more on the phone.

Buenos Aires Day 5

I woke early to finish packing. The bottles of wine were my main concern as my luggage is soft sided. I debated shipping the bottles, but I think I packed them well. Everything fit in two bags still, but I used the fold-up backpack for some overflow.

Breakfast in the lounge was the same as ever.

I checked out. The concierge staff would pick up my bags from me room, so I headed downstairs. I had about an hour before the walking tour so I decided to take a different route to the meet-up.

For some bizarre reason I still cannot fathom I trusted the tourist map again. I picked the spot out for the meet-up in the lounge, but once I was on the road it wasn’t where the map said it would be. I knew where the tour was going, so I made for the first stop along the way.

I ended up walking the bits of the tour to the places I hadn’t been before. I never found the tour group but that was okay. I hoped a cab to the Cafe Tortoni, the heart of tango in BA. The place is decked out beautifully, and it is a site to see. The food and service were not so good, especially for the price. It is very touristy.

I took another taxi to the Recoleta Cemetery. I walked around the tombs for over an hour and would have stayed longer. It was overcast, windy, and cool. The effect was made more so by the surroundings. Next time I am here I will make every effort to spend more time here. There’s another cemetery that’s not so famous but is bigger that I may have to try, too.

From there it was time to start thinking about heading to the airport. I swung by the hotel for a cup of coffee and my bags. The drive to the airport was uneventful but for one thing.

The taxi drivers, men over a certain age, do the stations of the cross (am I getting that right?) every time a Catholic church was driven past or near by. The driver tot he airport was one such gentleman and he blessed himself probably six times on the way.

The airport was a bit of a mess. I couldn’t find the Delta counter, but that’s because it wasn’t there yet. A few staffers pointed me to a sign that looked somewhat Delta-ish without having the name or the logo. A woman looked me up, handed me a slip of paper (which no one wanted to look at after that), and had me stand in line.

After about 5 minutes, Delta agents showed up rolling carts. Their entire operation was contained within. Working feverishly they set up seven check-in counter stations in about 10 minutes. At first in line they took care of me quickly and I was off, bag checked only through to Atlanta as my Detroit flight was more than 6 hours after arrival in ATL.

Security, passport control, and customs were odd. The security line backed up because there were only two lanes open. Almost everyone who went through set of the metal detectors, necessitating the least impressive pat down ever.

Once through that you hit passport control. Two sets of lines to a bunch of open lanes. Sweet, I thought. But the left lane was serviced by stations 11 to 20 while the right (my line) was serviced by 2 and 6-10. When approaching it looks like the right has more lanes available. More lies!

Once I got all the way through that I had to walk about 15 minutes to terminal C to the Aerolineas Argentinian lounge.

Buenos Aires, Day 4

I slept in this morning to a glorious 08:00. I grabbed a leisurely breakfast and puttered around on the computer.

I mellowed on last nights dinner. I was unhappy with the main concierge. That colored my assessment of the restaurant he strongly recommended. The food was overcooked and the fried provolone wasn’t nearly as good as what I had before, but it wasn’t a bad meal. I don’t thing Ive ever been in a restaurant that takes everything but Visa.

Today was going to be a light day. My legs needed a less punishing plan. I intended to take a walking tour at 5 and dinner at 9. Around 11 I headed to Calle Florida, a pedestrian thoroughfare with tons of shops along the route. I ended up at St. Martin at the end of the line and grabbed a coffee.  From there I wandered around for a bit looking for lunch options.

That was when I started feeling off. I was hungry but waves of light nausea come on. I was also a little dizzy. I walked into one little restaurant that was crowded with locals. As soon as I saw a plate for food I had to get out. It started to rain a little as I made my way back to the hotel. By the time I arrived a headache was hanging out right behind my left eye.

I had a migraine.

I have some pills for this but I can’t take them on en empty stomach. I wasn’t sure what food would do the best for me. I opted for empenadas and the “Hilton Hamburger”. I was nervous at first but they ended up being good choices. The burger, cooked to well done, was surprisingly delicious. The empenadas were small but tasty. My timing coming back was great as the rain really picked up. Soon the staff was done cleaning my room so I went up, stripped down, and popped my pill. I dozed a bit with the shades drawn and podcasts playing.

I’m not feeling 100% yet, so no booze in the lounge tonight. I missed the walking tour, though I covered over 60% of it already in my travels. There’s another different one tomorrow at 11 which will fit in with my last day nicely. I will keep my dinner reservation at Fervor in Recoleta. Cara at Anuva Wines recommended it, and the five Texans from the tasting already ate there. I am getting the seafood as my beef quotient is off the charts.


Buenos Aires, Day 3

In light of the previous day’s events I grabbed an outstanding steak dinner near the hotel. I came back and crashed, though again my sleep had fits and starts. I woke early, indulging in a brief bout of iPad regret before rising.

Breakfast in the lounge was more of the same. I took the time to plot my travels to barrio Palermo.

Plan in hand I set up my Chase Visa for cash withdrawals. It took a while to register here in Argentina as it was over an hour before I could actually withdraw cash. Not as liquid as I would have liked and plastic not a taxi option, I hoofed it to Palermo.

This just in: The tourist map LIES.

I left the hotel at 09:30. I arrived in Palermo around 13:00. I was SORE.

The bright side of the equation is that I saw parts of the city I would have missed. I also fully registered a few things.

  • I like Buenos Aires. I will try to come back.
  • The city is dirty outside of Puerto Madero. “Normal” litter litters the streets, but many places had piles of trash waiting for pickup. Yes, it’s a holiday here – the Argentinian Independence Day – and thus a long weekend. But the piles were sizable.
  • Graffiti comes in waves as you traverse the city. There is none around embassy row.
  • Buenos Aires is a walkable city. I made a huge mistake, but it could have been much worse.
  • If you love wine, come here.

I won’t belabor the pain of the walk. The Japanese gardens were beautiful if over commercialized. The zoo was a zoo. A few of the museums I wanted to see weren’t open. The pub I visited was the only empty bar in BA.

So far the highlight of the day was the wine tasting at Anuva Wines. It was me, a couple from Brazil, and 4 Texans (plus one bored Texan teenager who did not drink). Cara and her assistant were great. The food pairings while sparse complimented the Argentinian wines well. Delicious wines and good company with expert guidance.

I wisely took a taxi back to the hotel. I am taking in drinks in the lounge yet again. I shall sup far afield of my first forays, probably back in Palermo. Round trip by taxi measures less than $20 US and the Anuva team provided a list of recommendations.

Oh, and I think I know the business I want to start when I retire.

The Spilt Leche Incident

I talked at length yesterday about the chocolate milk that was spilled down my back.

It turns out that I was right. The two people were trying to rob me. The difference was that they succeeded.

They stole my iPad.

I did almost everything I was supposed to. My bag was on my front. I was hyper aware of who was touching me. I had too much to defend and they were skilled. The one extra step I could have done was lock the zipper pulls in the carabiner I have on either end of the bag. That was an $800 lesson learned.

I stopped by the concierge desk on my floor. She and the duty manager, Gaston Mourrut de Beauverger, told me they would help me file a report with the police. It could take several hours and the odds of the iPad’s recovery was slim. I opted to enjoy my vacation.

The manager did offer to pay for my dry cleaning. As I returned to the room this evening my jacket, trousers, and shirt hung in my closet clean as a whistle.

The staff in this hotel epitomize good customer service. Everything has been top notch, but this was above and beyond the call.

Buenos Aires Day 2 – San Telmo

Sleep came easy last night but didn’t stay around long. Even with the window open I could not get the room cool enough. The three hour nap I took yesterday probably didn’t help. Regardless I woke a little after 7 mostly refreshed. I grabbed a quick breakfast in the lounge after dressing. The coffee isn’t great. My motivation to hit the road was clear.

I stripped my Red Oxx bag down, then refilled it with the essentials only. Well, the essentials accompanied by the MacBook Air. Once I started walking I thought I made a huge mistake. My left foot was cramping within 100 feet of the hotel. Not a good sign.

I walked through the pain, then put the big bag over the left shoulder. That counterintuitively made my foot feel better. The MBA ended up a good move early on. The SD card in the camera ran out of space after 5 pictures. Apparently I hadn’t emptied that one. I found a cafe, ordered a cafe americano, and started to import the pictures.

The funny thing is that these pictures are from almost exactly one year ago on Parris Island, South Carolina during the 4th of July fireworks.

Here in San Telmo they have a huge open air market on Sundays. I thought I might have left for it too early, but as I climbed the slope towards Av. Defensa I saw many stalls already set up and others in various states of construction.

I read that Buenos Aires has a lot of graffiti. It is true. Almost every building I passed once out of Puerto Madero had at least some paint on it. Quite a bit talks about the Great Britain v Argentina over the Faukland Islands (Malvinas to the locals). It is safe to say there are some strong opinions on the topic. I meant to grab a photo of it on my walks but forgot. Oh, well. I figure I’ll have plenty of opportunity.

The coffee in the shop is good so I grabbed another cup before venturing out.

The market fair runs for over a mile on Av. Defensa. Hundreds of little stalls line the street. By peak market time moving was measured in inches as the crowd filled the narrow gap. There was no formal structure to how things were laid out, at least to my untrained eye. Artists seemed to be in the same area, as were musical instrument salesmen, leather workers, and antiques. By no means were they concentrated. I was most impressed by the quality and variety of the leather goods. Belts, bags, shoes, hats, and on seemed to be well made and a bargain. Next time I’ll be prepared.

Music was everywhere. Several bands and solo acts played on the avenue and side streets. Several other booths played music from local bands. One CD I had to pick up has a cover of Joy Division on it. And the cover was really, really good. I wanted to get all of them, but my on-hand cash cache wouldn’t accommodate.

There was one stall that had an absurd fascination with the Batman movies. Several banners of both modern Jokers hung throughout. It was creepy and out of place.

I heard an assortment of languages on the strip – English (American, British, Australian), Spanish, French, Russian (maybe it was Ukrainian), Mandarin Chinese, and Portuguese.

There were several off-shoots of the main drag that offered more of the same. The special parts were the grills cooking sausages and beef and all kinds of interesting fare. I had a beef and chorizo sandwich for lunch, then a pork empenada later for a snack. Roving barristas with metal coffee urns strapped on, tacos and burritos dispensed from makeshift stands of stacked Iglo coolers, and others handing out what little delicacy they had all seemed to make a brisk business.

At one of my beer stops there was a beautiful woman sitting at the table next to me. I smiled at her. She smiled at me. It turned out that she knew a little English and wanted to try it out. We talked for a bit. Her English was only slightly better than my Spanish, but we made a go of it. I asked her to join me at my table. I ordered another round for both of us. She expressed surprised that I was buying her drink. She said that doesn’t normally happen in Buenos Aires. A little later a guy showed up, touched her shoulder, then went inside the bar. She said “boyfriend” and my face must have dropped a bit. She pouted a second, gave me a kiss, said thank you for the beer, and headed inside. It was the best date I’d had in months.

It took several passes up and down the avenue before I picked up everything I wanted for gifts. A few times I took breaks for more coffee or beer. My foot went from almost tear inducing to downright tolerable. Six hours on and I was ready to head back to the hotel for a rest.

As I walked back a man came running up to me. He pointed at my leg. I told him I don’t speak Spanish, so of course he spoke more Spanish to me. I told him thank you and continued on, but he was insistent. Turns out there was thick chocolate milk all over my back and down my trousers. It was on my bags. It was a mess.

I could see the Hilton from where I was. I tried to tell the man I would take care of it at the hotel but he was instant that I follow him down some side street. A woman came up and tried to get me to go with them. While they seemed very nice there was nothing about the situation I liked. I am almost certain that 10 minutes before I had no milk on me. I know that 30 minutes before there was none as I had removed my coat to put my sweater on.

I  suspect the man poured the milk on me on purpose, but never attribute to malice that which can adequately be explained by happenstance or stupidity. I did note how the locals slung their backpacks over their fronts while the tourists (not me) didn’t.

I kept pushing on for the hotel while the couple kept trying to have me go down an alleyway for water.

Interestingly, when I told the woman I am from Detroit she looked concerned. She said something very fast to the man. They both said goodbye and hopped the bus. They definitely knew each other when they left.

When I got back to my room I assessed the damage. I ended up sending the trousers, blazer, and shirt to the laundry. I think it’s a 50/50 shot that they’re ruined. We’ll see tomorrow. The rest of me has a distinctive grilled meat smell about me. I find it intoxicating, though it keeps making me hungry.

Meanwhile I took a quick nap, and now I am back in the lounge enjoying a beverage before dinner. I was planning on doing dinner back in San Telmo, but the day was cooler than yesterday and there is a brisk wind. I’ll stay close as I am without a coat. There’s a steak place over by the harbor recommended to me twice. I’m actually not that hungry at the moment, but I’m sure once the calorie burn fully registers I’ll be famished.

Over on the lounge couches a few fellow Americans are debating TGI Friday’s or Burger King for dinner. Sad.

For me, tomorrow brings new barrios and a wine tasting!

Buenos Aires Days 0 & 1

Buenos Aires is the southernmost place I have yet been.

The journey down was great. I was late leaving the house as a conference call expected to take 15 minutes took almost 90. I dropped the kids off at their Mom’s house and headed for the airport.

Going through TSA was graced by fortuitous timing. As I was about to ask for a pat down they announced that the full body scanner needed calibration. We passed through the metal detectors, no pat down required!

I love the remodel at the #dtw @delta #skyclub. The new counters overlooking the main entry from TSA makes for good people watching.
on July 06, 2012 at 04:47PM: http://twitter.com/prjorgensen/status/221344648113823745

The Delta SkyClub lounge at DTW is good. I was at the big one at the middle of the terminal. The wifi was serviceable to good with the ebb and flow of travelers. I finished my workday from there. New counters installed along the glass overlooking the walkway from TSA to the terminal meant I could stand while I worked. Outlets run the length of the counters so power was no issue.

Dear @foursquare @4sqSupport I can’t log in, then can’t check in, etc. from multiple devices. “Foursquare could not connect.” Any issues?
on July 06, 2012 at 01:30PM: http://twitter.com/prjorgensen/status/221295022140686337

My Foursquare check-ins were spotty. They must still have had service issues.

I am at @dtw on my way to #eze. I hope the air traffic controllers there are back on the job! #vacation #theresnothinginmyhouseworthstealing
on July 06, 2012 at 01:41PM: http://twitter.com/prjorgensen/status/221297789685088256

I learned of the municipal works strike earlier in the day. All reports from Delta said things would proceed normally. And they did.

Wouldn’t it be better for everyone in the @delta #skyclub if all the mobile devices were muted? #commoncourtesy #insidevoices
on July 06, 2012 at 01:41PM: http://twitter.com/prjorgensen/status/221297925676994561

Not only were peoples’ phones ringing, they were ringing LOUDLY. And everyone took their time answering or ignoring the call. One woman near me wanted to share her half of the conversation with the entire SkyClub.

Drinking a Singapore IPA by @saugatuckbrew — http://t.co/iIiW5vyA #photo
on July 06, 2012 at 01:47PM: http://twitter.com/prjorgensen/status/221299344815562752

They had a good beer on tap. Snack wise they don’t offer much. Crunchy things are off my menu, so I ate cheese and sucked hummus out of little cardboard tubes. Oh, and seasoned olives.

You are both on the same flight. Please stop making out like you’ll never see each other again! #dtw
on July 06, 2012 at 02:59PM: http://twitter.com/prjorgensen/status/221317340170690560

Public displays of affection seem to be a common theme so far on this trip. This couple were the first. Little did I know folks would be making out all over the place.

When you have an evil looking mustache maybe spending 10 minutes taking pictures in a US airport isn’t a good move. http://t.co/5HPsKDveon July 06, 2012 at 03:08PM: http://twitter.com/prjorgensen/status/221319848469336064

Now the red shirts are taking a picture of the mustache guy. #DTW http://t.co/zbGOYtgdon July 06, 2012 at 03:14PM: http://twitter.com/prjorgensen/status/221321152319066114

This fellow stood around taking pictures of the TSA area. At first I thought his mustache was Hitler-esque, but it was just run-of-the-mill evil looking. Apparently no one on staff cared. They even took pictures for him and with him! Very strange dealing, indeed.

Could be a communist cabal. #DTW http://t.co/smb0nLWKon July 06, 2012 at 03:50PM: http://twitter.com/prjorgensen/status/221330303338283008

I am officially off the clock! I’m on vacation time now. #dtw #skyclub @delta
on July 06, 2012 at 04:46PM: http://twitter.com/prjorgensen/status/221344404387016704

A sample of the people watching. http://t.co/IEqXlvL4on July 06, 2012 at 04:49PM: http://twitter.com/prjorgensen/status/221345199497031681

I’m not a fan I the kid leash. http://t.co/oLUIOV0Fon July 06, 2012 at 04:51PM: http://twitter.com/prjorgensen/status/221345688225710080

I left the lounge a few minutes early to pick up some chocolate for my flights’ crews. Over at TBTL they talked about taking chocolates to the flight crew in hopes of free alcohol. I flew first class so that wasn’t an issue. I wanted to do it anyway. I wanted to start my vacation off and share a bit of it with those who were taking me there.

Bit of a boarding snafu. I had to get my passport reviewed a third time. @delta might want to review. (@ Gate A20) http://t.co/ppY71I9Mon July 06, 2012 at 05:27PM: http://twitter.com/prjorgensen/status/221354661750378496

Apparently they had been paging me. One thing about the paging system at DTW – if you’re not at the gate listening it is impossible to hear. No one called to the SkyClub, either.

My complaint was that I couldn’t print the boarding pass at home. Yes, I can do the Delta app, but I like the paper as a backup. So I went to the kiosk. It verified my passport. Then at the SkyClub they verified my passport. So why was I asked for it a third time? Irritating, made more so by the general lack of organization at the gate.

If that’s the worst that happens on this trip I’ll be a happy man, indeed!

The trip is feeling real. Me = 😀
on July 06, 2012 at 05:39PM: http://twitter.com/prjorgensen/status/221357721071521794

The #dl2287 flight crew from #dtw to #atl is great. @delta
on July 06, 2012 at 06:35PM: http://twitter.com/prjorgensen/status/221371804130881538

The flight to Atlanta was nice and uneventful. Since I am on vacation I enjoyed several adult beverages on the flight. The crew appreciated the chocolate.

It seems my Russian language skills aren’t wasted in AR. They make use of a similar ‘juh’ in pronouncing things that start w/’ll’
on July 06, 2012 at 06:46PM: http://twitter.com/prjorgensen/status/221374587588448259

I studied up on my Spanish on the plane. The odd thing is that when I try to pull the words from my head I get the German equivalents.

On my way to #atl en route to #eze. This tweet is from 30K feet.
on July 06, 2012 at 06:48PM: http://twitter.com/prjorgensen/status/221375102388940802

There’s a mf-ing fly on this mf-ing plane. #themoreyouknow
on July 06, 2012 at 06:57PM: http://twitter.com/prjorgensen/status/221377285721292800

I’m at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL) (Atlanta, GA) w/ 162 others http://t.co/Ac0mzlNSon July 06, 2012 at 07:35PM: http://twitter.com/prjorgensen/status/221386891407278081

Unable to pull into the gate. #dl2287 #atl #DTW @Delta
on July 06, 2012 at 07:40PM: http://twitter.com/prjorgensen/status/221388174545522688

On my way! To Buenos Aires! Woohoo!
on July 06, 2012 at 08:36PM: http://twitter.com/prjorgensen/status/221402379470385153

The flight from Atlanta to Buenos Aires was great. The food was great. The flight crew was top notch. The business class seats were the older ones but did lay flat. I slept after maybe enjoying one too many beverages.

When we finally reached Buenos Aires I got a little nervous as we circled three times. Ultimately it was fine and we landed.

It costs $160 US for a 10 year visa. As I sidled up to the window to pay I remembered I forgot to call the credit card company to tell them I’d be traveling. It was no issue. I converted some money at a bad rate and rented a taxi to the hotel.

I’m at Hilton Buenos Aires (Ciudad de Buenos Aires) http://t.co/9AnOOKUVon July 07, 2012 at 10:36AM: http://twitter.com/prjorgensen/status/221613755593785344

The room was not only ready but I was upgraded into the executive floor. The room is nice. The room is HUGE.

I unpacked, which takes me 10 minutes if I’m lazy. Breakfast was still serving in the lounge, so I walked over. Unfortunately my phone was still on EDT. I planned on taking a walking tour, but by the time I learned the real time there was no time to get there on time.

So I wandered, lonely as a cloud.

I’m at Yacht Club Puerto Madero (Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires) [pic]: http://t.co/CVKstTYPon July 07, 2012 at 10:38AM: http://twitter.com/prjorgensen/status/221614053959806979

I walked from the hotel to each end of Puerto Madero. My legs were killing me after my first journey. My bag is too heavy even when mostly empty. I love my Red Oxx, but I need to find something lighter.

The weather was sunny with temperatures in the 40s and 50s. So many folks were bundled up like it was below freezing with a massive windchill.

Midday I came back to the hotel to unload my bad and pop some aspirin. I decided to take a quick nap. By “Quick” I must have meant 3 hours. I headed out again to wander the parts of the port I hadn’t seen yet. After the public kissing, the next most common thing I saw were roller blades and skateboarders. There were a few samples of soccer, but not as many as I thought there would be.

Snack and drinks before dinner. (@ Hilton Buenos Aires Executive Lounge) [pic]: http://t.co/76JaNU6won July 07, 2012 at 05:17PM: http://twitter.com/prjorgensen/status/221714610615627778

I’m writing this from the lounge with a glass of malbec. I’m debating over a couple of restaurants for dinner that I passed earlier in the day. I’ll ask the staff for their recommendations.

So far I couldn’t ask for a better start to the trip.