TV after 6

If I watch TV, streaming or terrestrial or whatever, too early in my day I am mentally and physically sluggish. I don’t know if it applies to all videos. I don’t know if a neat emacs video or something security related or the news would trigger it, for example. Entertainment videos definitely do trigger a sloth like lethargy I sometimes cannot shake.

It seems the exercise variable doesn’t help. If I fire up a review of the US late night talk shows’ takes on a political event after time in the gym I am as useless as if I had stayed in bed.

Liberating an idea from Mark Bittman, I will try to keep my entertainment viewing to the evening.

I’d love to ditch it completely. I know that’s unlikely for me. I’ve a weird addictive thing with some TV. I hate The Sopranos. I love The Good Wife. I can’t stand reality TV but give me a home repair & improvement show and I will binge it. I’ll take The Prisoner over Lost any day of the week.

I will queue shows for an extended illness or flights to & from the US viewing. Living in Japan now can make that difficult.

The bigger difficulty is on my time, attention, and energy on the everyday.

It seems silly to track, but I will start another calendar for daily X-ing when I avoid an early morning video hit.

Anyone else challenged thusly?

Stock Your Office Drawer w/ Everything Needed for Tastier Work Lunches

My first “real” job out of college was at a large engineering company, and the most annoying part (for me) was packing a lunch. I became convinced that mediocre brown bag lunches were just part of the deal of adulthood, but this was woefully incorrect. With just a few condiments and spices hidden in my drawer, I could have taken my sad little lunches from “woefully bland” to “hey, this is actually edible.”

Source: Stock Your Office Drawer with Everything You Need for Tastier Work Lunches

Over on the PVC Security Podcast, the boys and I extol the virtues of finding your energy and focus. Making the most out of your lunch (or dinner), especially when you can’t break away for real down time, makes a difference.

Back in the day I kept soy sauce, hot sauce, sardine tins, spices, and whatever utensils I might need the office couldn’t supply. If the sun shined directly in my office, herbs instead of Ficus would populated my work place.

I used my culinary supplies so often and sang their praises, co-workers and colleagues would drive by my desk if they need a “little something”.

Sometimes the little things make all the difference.

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