Lotus Notes: The Most Popular Post on PRJorgensen.com (so far)

Back in November 2011 I wrote a little post about a problem I solved: IBM (formerly Lotus) Notes wasn’t using the correct browser in Windows if Google Chrome was in the mix. The post peaked in 2013 yet is still the #1 thing people come to my site to view. In Japan we’re on 2018 day 004. I already have 18 views on this one very old, very specific post. It started as a quick note so I wouldn’t forget how to fix it.

I’m pleased people still find it useful while a bit surprised by the longevity.

IBM Watson Summit 2016 Japan Talk: Building a Next Generation SOC on Hybrid Cloud

The event organizers honored me with an invitation to speak at the IBM Watson Summit 2016 here in Tokyo. My talk, Building a Next Generation SOC on Hybrid Cloud, was (I think) well received.

The talk covered many items: why we build these things called SOC; what is the next generation of SOC; how can we move toward it; how can we leverage a hybrid model and cloud tools to enable the transition. I can’t share the deck. The presentation was not recorded, though cameras captured me in action quite often. Glad I was looking sharp!

It’s been a while since I presented with simultaneous translation into another language. The translators were great. By all accounts they captured not only my words but a bit of my passion and energy.

I’m not sure how my audience received the message. Crowds didn’t up and leave. No one fell asleep, something of a victory for a 4PM talk on day 3. About 130 of an expected 200 showed up. All in all, I think it went well.

I wish there was a question and answer session or a time for Sato-san and me to answer questions one-on-one.

I want to thank my colleague, Sato Takuya, for introducing me and closing out the session. I wish I knew the names of the translators to talk them by name as well.

p.s. – If you are an event organizer and you chose lanyard-attached name tags, please print the information on both sides of the insert card!

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I like busy.

Describing this week as “jam packed” epitomizes the understatement. I shall spare you, Dear Reader, from the run down. Yet I felt energized, more than at any time in recent memory.

I’m mentoring several people, officially and otherwise. I finally made it back on PVC Security Podcast for the first time in weeks (months?). I stepped in last minute to help an account team respond to an Request for proposal, an experience I’ll write in detail once the dust settles. I interviewed prospective IBM employees. I attended training. Of course, I continued supporting my current client engagement with aplomb. I traveled about 6,000 miles.

That is a jam packed week by any account. Home front items require my attention. Perhaps I can parlay this energy into the required action.

My colleague, unofficial mentee, and new friend Andrew and I toured (read: wandered somewhat aimlessly in) Brussels. I’ll write about it over on ESG soon. Tomorrow, Ghent!

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Week Ending 30 August 2015 Review

Dear Friends,

I’m working on a new habit – a weekly review. Not only will I review my week but I’ll post it here … in theory, at least.

The goal is to use Emacs org-mode for the day-to-day capture. The week end review will auto-generate. I’ll edit and publish … again, in theory.

Daily log


Back in the IBM Mexico City Santa Fe offices, working with my project team. Our IBM Security Latin America lead requested the team’s help on another similar project in Mexico. We said yes.

It rained in the evening.


More project work in the office. Our resource manager requested I reallocate time for yet another project, this time in Belgium. I said yes.

It rained in the evening.


Worked from the hotel as the team scattered on other customer’s projects. I booked my reservation in two parts to get the IBM rate for my entire stay. Today is my “check-in; check-out” day. Bonus for the move – Hilton upgraded me. Thanks!

It rained in the evening.


Bumped into our IBM Security Latin America lead in the hotel. He requested my attendance at the IBM Security Summit Mexico 2015 here in Mexico City.

I’ve attended more of these types of vendor events than I care to recall. Bearing in mind Ginny Rometty (IBM’s CEO) signs my checks, I’m impressed by the minimal hard sell and generally solid information provided. My takeaway: my Spanish needs improvement toward adequacy quickly.

It might have rained in the evening.


Back in the office with the team. We solved several issues plaguing our progress. I’m unsure what happened; my afternoon contained one small non-meeting gap. Who books meetings late on a Friday afternoon?

It rained in the evening. I used the ill weather to finish watching True Detective Season 1.


After breakfast I set myself up poolside. I applied SPF-50, cracked open a water bottle, and fired up my Kindle. I read.

It rained in the evening.


Much like yesterday, except for the inclusion of swimming.

I’m re-reading Edmund Morris’ three volume biography of Theodore Roosevelt. I’ve found myself unfocused, lacking energy, and listless. A bit of “the Strenuous Life” is what I need. That, and another visit to Copenhagen.

I found the problem between my Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and my GeChic 1303H external monitor – the Display Port to HDMI adapter. It functions best with a wicked curve, much like a hockey foreward’s blade.

I emailed the folks and texted with the kids.

Ed Rojas can’t make the podcast tonight. Tim and I will record without him.

It rained in the evening.

UPDATE: as I started editing this my stomach started up. Thus, this post goes up Tuesday.

Books read

Amazon.com: Old Man’s War eBook: John Scalzi: Kindle Store

I follow Whatever | FRAIL MY HEART APART, John Scalzi’s blog. I have for a long time. It’s odd I only now got around to reading one of his books.

It’s trite to say, yet putting this book down required a certain amount of will.

Amazon.com: The Martian: A Novel eBook: Andy Weir: Kindle Store

I cherish engaging hard science fiction. By hard science fiction I mean the story builds upon actual science.

Engaging, funny, emotional (I teared up several times), and an ultimate survivalist tale, I recommend this book without hesitation.

Cat’s Cradle, Kurt Vonnegut – Amazon.com

I kicked off a re-reading of this book while on vacation a fee weeks back. Fun use of language in a satiric test.


Based off of an article I read about Theodore Roosevelt in line with Benjamin Franklin – What Good Shall I Do? | The Art of Manliness I have these six meta items I target each week:

Knowledge (as opposed to raw intelligence)

  • greater understanding of internal IBM processes
  • IBM Security Summit Mexico 2015 provided insights as mentioned above
  • Deeper read of the Ponemon 2015 study


  • My Spanish improves, though not as quickly as I’d like.
  • org-mode journal and todo tracking

People skills

  • I don’t know if this is real development: I repeated the same response to “How are you?” to two different people. I made sure to make eye contact with the second person to show it wasn’t mere reflex.


  • I swam.
  • I have a plan.
  • My diet consists of mostly vegetables, then protean (dairy, eggs, meat), and fruit.


  • Rocking it, as expected.
  • I found hair conditioner makes an excellent shaving cream.


  • Stayed in contact with my kids & Stine through the week
  • A friend interviewed exceptionally with IBM
  • Updated my folks via email

Upcoming improvements

  • [ ] Keep up with Social Media more; not too much
  • [ ] More org-mode improvements
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Good Works

My good friend, colleague, and Project Manager extraordinaire Gabriela Iannaccone is in Nairobi, Kenya. She’s participating in @IBM‘s Corporate Service Corps. Gabi blogs here at Medium. Her story and pictures might prove infectious. I know Kenya is creeping up my list of must-see destinations. Gabi’s engagement in Africa comes to an end this week. As regular readers know, IBM cuts my checks. Gabi’s, too. IBM sponsored and paid for her trip (as far as I know). This post is not sponsored or paid for by IBM.

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New Year, New Job

Welcome to 2015!

I made a change. I’m now part of IBM’s security consulting practice as a senior managing consultant.

IBM made the choice to transition easy. My new role is attractive to me. It will give me opportunities to use my skills and abilities in a different way.

The hard part is leaving HP. I enjoyed working there, especially with the quality professionals on my team. I learned so much. I had fun.

I’ll write more about the change soon. Feel free to hit me up on social networks if you have any questions or comments.

Happy New Year!


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Fix for Pidgin Meanwhile for a SameTime IM environment

I use Pidgin for IM. I really like that it has an IBM/Lotus SameTime integration plugin called “MeanWhile”.

It’s not perfect. Pidgin’s MeanWhile doesn’t handle logged in users properly.

To fix that on Ubuntu, go here, and download the package for your install – 32-bit or 64-bit. Then execute

sudo dpkg -i libmeanwhile1-1.0.2-3*

… and restart Pidgin. You may need to hold or lock the libmeanwhile package from an update.

There’s an outstanding issue about file transfers that still requires a solution.