Ask an indie rock veteran: What’s the best band of all time?

Ask an indie rock veteran: What’s the best band of all time?:

Can you make an argument for the best band of all time? —Aileen, Glasgow Scotland I’ll try. I can’t promise even I’ll buy it though. Anything like this leaves you wide open to the counterargument, “they suck.” Which is always much more effective than it ought to be.

That said, let’s try The Smiths.

Yes, let’s. Read on for the math and analysis, with which I strongly agree.

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Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth with Money in My Hand

Inspiration from Bruce Lee, William James, Diving, and More:

Songs make you think of people. Sometimes, you hear a song and you miss someone.

Sometimes you go look up that person to find out what happened to them and it breaks your heart.

Sometimes you realize that it’s a mistake to lose track of people who meant so much to you.

Reach out to that person who changed your life and then disappeared. If nothing else, let them know they changed you and thank them. Do it now, before you wake up one day, hear a song, look for the person that the song reminds you of, and realize that person isn’t around any more.

I’ve been downhearted, baby, ever since the day we met. We were never quite sure what B.B. King was saying in that repeated sample. That’s what he was saying. I wish I could tell you that now.

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One of the non-family related good memories of my time living in Oklahoma is this song.

Hard Drives Susceptible to Loud Music? Yeah, We Know

Damaging Hard Drives with an Ultrasonic Attack

Playing a sound over the speakers can cause computers to crash and possibly even physically damage the hard drive.

I don’t know why this is news. My university friends and I knew this in the early 90’s, and I think it was common knowledge at the time. Did the sound have to be ultrasonic? No. But we knew a loud party could screw up the hard drives we had in our desktop computers. As low end bass became more and more of a thing, it was even easier to see the connection.

We played audio cassettes at parties to deal with this very issue.

Moving in Stereo

For the last month or so I’ve listened to The Cars fairly regularly. I think it’s the change of the season as I’ve always associated them with summer.

When I was a young pup, knee high to a garden snake, my Californian brothers brought many an otherwise unknown band to our midwestern home. Van Halen, Rush, Scorpions, Iron Maiden, and others were in the mix. The more heavy metal of the bunch I discarded.

Rush was the first of those bands I embraced. One of my friends in my Connecticut high school was a big Rush fan. When I started working many years later for a Canadian company Rush again entered my listening life.

Van Halen, and later Van Hagar, became frozen in that late 80’s to 90 moment when they were everywhere.

And then there was The Cars.

The Cars was like a less overplayed and better version of what Journey was doing at the time (also part of my brothers’ music mix). Journey stayed ever present on US radio from the Rock to Classic Rock to the oldies station where they live today.

I recall having one of their tapes, Heartbeat City, when the family road tripped across the western US on holiday in the mid 80’s. Then they dropped off my radar.

I’m caught a bit off guard by the high regard in which I hold The Cars today.

Who cares. It’s summer (in the Northern Hemisphere)!

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Deranged if effective media source cabling

Reminds me of my old radio and podcasting days. Well, the cabling and not the coffee setup.

HomePod and the Apple Music Japanese Metadata Mess

HomePod and the Apple Music Japanese Metadata Mess:

Japan is one of most profitable music markets after the US market. If Apple wants to sell HomePod in Japan at some point, they’ll have to get their Apple Music Japanese metadata problem sorted out first.

(Via Ata Distance)

Read the whole article for examples of how Apple Music/iCloud Music/iTunes Match is a “hot mess”.

Reunited Guns N' Roses confirms Detroit show, but date a mystery

In case you’re a fan or care …

The reunited Guns N’ Roses are planning to go on tour this summer, but haven’t announced exactly when.

… Detroit is on the list, along with 20 others, including Chicago, Pittsburgh and Toronto.

Not only have the dates not yet been announced, but we don’t know the venues.

Source: Reunited Guns N’ Roses confirms Detroit show, but date a mystery