Technology vendors solve problems to help their bottom line, not to solve problems for users, though they sometimes overlap. See accessibility.

Technology founders and CEOs are flawed people like we all are. Do not look for them to solve your problems or provide a path for living or politics or ethics or anything other than the new gadget.

Avoid platforms where your data is locked in. Look for platforms/software/technology that uses open formats and allows for exporting data to open formats.


Only rely on third party cloud platforms for anodyne data you’re willing to lose.

Always use string authentication. Always set up backup authentication methods.

Backup. Backup locally.

Avoid platforms that force DRM/DMCA and similar mechanisms.

Consider disconnected technology, such as a DSLR or point-and-shoot camera instead of only a phone.

Privacy first.

Don’t chase the latest spec bump.

Look at open source options.

Avoid close systems and formats.

Avoid ad supported anything: either pay for it, find an open alternative, or get rid of it. Ad blocking on your device is appropriate, such as things one pays for will still have unwanted ads (NYTimes and Hulu, for example).