Paul R. Jorgensen

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With over 25 years of extensive experience in cybersecurity, Paul R. Jorgensen is a seasoned CISSP certified information security leader renowned for his expertise in organizational security transformation & orchestration. Known for his adeptness in hiring, developing, challenging, and retaining talented team members, Paul’s industry experience spans across financial services, healthcare, industrial, and retail sectors. His background in manufacturing, automotive, and retail equips him with valuable insider insights. Notably, Paul has led or been part of leadership teams in engagements with U.S. state government, healthcare, and critical infrastructure sectors during his career, showcasing his adaptability, communications skills, and broad security knowledge.

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Cybersecurity is a subject that requires logic, knowledge, thought and commitment.

Ian R. McAndrew, PhD

With an attention to detail and a commitment to excellence, Paul leads teams that inspire, elevate, and enrich the lives of those who inhabit them.

Be it helping a retailer with a limited budget who needs communicate the value of cyber security to the organization, a giant technology firm who’s Japan office would thrive if friction with the global headquarters is reduced, to a highly federated industrial firm that needs to wrangle disparate business units and plants into a cohesive security strategy, Paul has lead teams in the U.S. and globally who rose to the occasion.

Paul’s leadership and commitment to his teams has aided their career paths into senior management, technical subject matter experts, and skilled consultants throughout the northern hemisphere. A key element of this is Paul’s attention to continuing education and practical hands-on experience. Communication is another significant element, and Paul takes time to speak about more than only their professional lives.

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Guiding your business through security programs

Paul’s fusion of imagination and expertise with cyber security is the catalyst for organizational transformations that enrich the defense of the threat landscape.